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Tammy (EP249)

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It ran away from Tammy after receiving a scolding from her, and {{an|Misty}} later discovered it during the search for her own {{TP|Misty|Politoed}}. She quickly realized Bean was a different Politoed because it wasn't its usual happy self. Her suspicions were proven correct when the group met Tammy while she was in the midst of practicing for an upcoming cheer competition. Misty's Politoed reunited with her before continuing to practice the cheer routine. During the practice, Misty noticed that Bean was all alone, with Tammy keen to use Misty's Politoed for the competition instead.
Misty attempted to cheer Bean up, but it continued to run away. Later, when everyone was trapped by {{TRT}}'s [[Team Rocket's mechas|mecha]], Bean intervened and blasted open the cell with a Water Gun. The battle against Team Rocket brought Tammy and Bean back together after she realized that she was becoming too focused on winning more than anything else, and she allowed it back onto the cheer squad.
Bean's known moves are {{m|Double Slap}} and {{m|Water Gun}}.}}