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* Pokémon Lab
:''"What is it today, [[Leon]]? Looking for info on another never-before-seen, superstrong Pokémon? I wish you’d stop with these outlandish requests."
:''"Tsk. What kind of an introduction is that? Did you forget we were rivals during our Gym Challenge? It wasn’t just {{p|Yamper}} helping you out. I did, too."
:''"Anyway, nice to meet you! Name's Sonia. I’m the professor's assistant."
:''"*sigh* What does he think I am? He’s always got his head in the clouds. It’s no wonder he gets lost all the time."
:''"Oh. Looks like you’ve got a [[Rotom Phone]]. Hey there, Rotom!"
:''"Rotom Phones are handy little things, aren’t they? They’ve got a map and a navigation tool. That said, Leon still gets lost, so…"
:''"Oh, sorry. So tell me, do you know a lot about {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}?"
::'''You bet!''' :''"Well said! In that case, I’ll make it so that you can use the [[Pokédex]] on your Rotom Phone!"
::'''Not really...''' : ''"Don’t worry! Here, I’ll make it so that you can use the Pokédex on your Rotom Phone!"
:''"Just so you know, that Pokédex is a gift from my gran! Could you let Gran know that you received the Pokédex? She lives in the house down along {{rt|2|Galar}}."
::'''If talked to again''': ''"Leon’s a right amazing {{pkmn|Champion}}, and I’m basically just an assistant... I’m not even Gran’s official assistant, either. I’ve just been calling myself one... Somehow, it makes me feel a little restless."
* Outside Magnolia's House
:''"Seems I came back home right in time for all the excitement!"
:''"Hey, you lot, why not have some dinner. You must be hungry, right? I’ve been totally obsessed with making the latest trendy curries."
* Magnolia's House
:''"Hop, is it true you really met some Pokémon you didn’t recognize? Is there anything more you can tell me about it?"
:''"A right fount of information you are."
::'''If talked to again''' :''"A strange Pokémon in the [[Slumbering Weald]]... I don’t know... I’ve got an uneasy feeling for some reason..."
;[[Meetup Spot]]
:''"My gran gave me a proper earful, in her own way… “Those two young Trainers are setting out on a journey, but what are you doing with your life?”"
::'''Regardless of choice''': ''"Ah…Never you mind that! Nothing to worry yourselves over! Besides, I’d been quite curious about that Pokémon you two met in the forest. I’d been thinking I should look into it, so the timing works out fine!"
:''"If I discover something really huge, then maybe even Gran’ll admit I’ve got some talent!"
:''"I said you needn’t worry about it! I’m glad to be on the road. Really! It’s been ages. It’ll be great to fish and camp and rough it outside again."
:''"What cheek! [[Dynamax]] Pokémon are really on another level, you know! You’d better Dynamax your partner Pokémon, too, if you want to take on opponents that strong!"
:''"You’ll find spots here and there in the [[Wild Area]] that emit a red beam of light. If you think you’re up to it, check them out. There’ll be Dynamax Pokémon lurking inside! So with that, how about I send you off with a little treat from me?"
:''"With a Pokémon Box Link, you’ll be able to put Pokémon from your team into your Boxes or take Pokémon from your Boxes to add them to your team. Nice, right? So go wild catching as many Pokémon as you like, and fill in some more of your Pokédex!"
:''"The Wild Area is waiting for you! This is the start of your real adventure!"
* Outside Pokémon Center
:''"Hey! Over here!"
:''"Real ace of you to make it through the Wild Area! Seems like your trek ran your Pokémon ragged, though. You should pop into the Pokémon Center."
:''"Besides, there’s something I bet you’ll get a kick out of...if you’re a real Trainer and all."
* Pokémon Center
:''"Oh, looks like the Rotomi’s free."
:''"Rotomi are a kind of Rotom Information service. It’s a handy machine for Trainers. You can even use one to customize your League Card!"
:''"Why don’t you try playing around with your League Card a bit, <player>? Here’s a sample for you!"
:''"But Motostoke sure is big, right? Not to worry! Sonia is here to show you around a bit! Come find me after you heal up your Pokémon!"
:''"The opening ceremony, huh... I get a bit worked up when I think how exciting and moving it was to actually stand on a stadium’s pitch for the first time!"
* Outside
:''"So, brilliant young Trainer who’s braved the Wild Area! Do you remember what your goal in Motostoke is?"
::'''I’m here for the Gym Challenge!''': ''"Yup! The Gym Challenge opening ceremony."
::'''Uhhh...''': ''"What? You seriously forgot about the Gym Challenge opening ceremony?"
:''"By the way, the ceremony tomorrow is being held at the [[Motostoke Stadium]], OK?"
:''"Use that lift over there to get to the stadium, ‘K?"
:''"Well, laters! I’m going to swing by the shops while I’m here, but don’t forget to register at the stadium, ‘K?"
* Boutique
:''"My gran told me I needed to go on a journey, but a girl needs a bit of joy in her life, too! Are you to here to do some shopping as well? Don’t forget to register at the stadium!"
* Budew Drop Inn
:''"Hiya! Looks like you both got yourselves registered."
:''"It’s a statue of the hero who once saved the [[Galar]] region. I could run through the legend right quick, if you fancy?"
::'''The short version, if you please!''': ''"Long ago...a great black storm covered the Galar region. People called it “the [[Darkest Day]].” The land was assaulted by gigantic Pokémon...but they were defeated by a single young hero bearing a sword and shield. The statue here is meant to depict the young hero of that legend."
::'''Give me all the details!''': ''"Long ago...a great black storm covered the Galar region. People called it “the Darkest Day.” The land was assaulted by gigantic Pokémon...but they were defeated by a single young hero bearing a sword and shield. The statue here is meant to depict the young hero of that legend. We still don’t understand what kind of sword and shield the hero actually had. And what this “black storm” is supposed to be is just another mystery... Whatever it was, it blotted out the skies all across Galar. I suppose that tracks with it being called the Darkest Day, but still..."
:'''You’ll be all right, Sonia!''' :''"Heh, thanks! I’ll muddle through somehow—don’t you worry!"
:'''Will you be all right, Sonia?''' :''"Course I will. I’ll muddle through somehow—don’t you worry!"
:''"You two are staying here at the hotel tonight, though, aren’t you? Shouldn’t you check in?"
::'''If talked to again''': ''"Thanks for always taggin’ along with [[Hop]]. I hope you can keep it up. Leon really worries about him, too. He practically raised him, after all."
:''"Heya, Gym Challenger! You looked real ace out there during the opening ceremony!"''
:''"Oh, but where’s Hop?"''
::'''He went on ahead''': ''"He can’t sit still at all, can he? Guess he really wants to catch up to his brother."''
::'''He went a different way''' :''"Well, you’re rivals, after all. I guess it makes sense you’d train on your own."
:''"Oh, I know! Let me tell you about something a bit interesting."
:''"You see that building over there? It’s a company owned by [[Rose|Chairman Rose]]."''
:''"Just past Route 3, there’s a mine where they dig up ore. That building over there processes it into energy."''
:''"In other words, the chairman is responsible for providing the Galar region with its energy, too."
:''"Can’t say I really get him, but the chairman seems like a pretty brilliant guy, right?"
:''"Here, a little something for having a chin-wag with me! It’s an [[Escape Rope]]."
:''"I’ll heal up your Pokémon, too!"''
:''"The way to [[Turffield]] is pretty long, but that’s a kind of challenge in its own right. Good luck, Gym Challenger!"''
:''"Thanks, Yamper!"
:''"I had you come ’cause I wanted to hear what you thought."
:''"So, that geoglyph... What do you think of it?"
::'''The Darkest Day?''' :''"Right perceptive of you. Especially since the portion depicting the black storm has mostly disappeared."
::'''Dynamax?''' :''"Seems likely... It certainly looks like a gigantic Pokémon. I suppose people three thousand years ago could’ve just imagined this, but it looks too similar to Dynamax. It can’t just be coincidence."
:''"A long time ago...a great black storm covered the Galar region. Giant Pokémon ran rampant... But what was that black storm they called “the Darkest Day”? What connection does it have to Dynamax?"
:''"Guess I’m the lucky lady who’ll be looking into that... Gran sure gives me a lot to do."
:''"Thanks for your thoughts on the matter! As thanks, I’ll give you a League Card."
:''"[[Milo]]’s a {{type|Grass}} [[Gym Leader]]. Things will go well for you if you use {{t|Fire}}-, {{t|Flying}}-, or {{type|Bug}} moves. Take these, too! It’d be pretty bad if your Pokémon weren’t in fighting form!"
:''"Go on, then! Get yourself to Turffield Stadium and battle yourself silly!"
* Captain's Table
:''"Oh, were you invited, too?"
:''"*sigh* She was saying that here’s still so much we don’t know about Dynamaxing. It’s causing her some worry. She even made me take a Power Spot Detector with me when I started traveling..."
:''"*sigh* Does he think he’s doing me a favor? He’s right that the vault would be a good place to look for info on the legends, but..."
:''"You got the {{badge|Water}}, yeah? Defeating Nessa’s no small feat. Here’s a TM as a reward!"
:''"[[Nessa]]’s a good friend. Perhaps I should drop in on her. Until next time, Gym Challenger!"
* Vault
:''"Oh, you’re here."
:''"Brilliant, aren’t they? It’s great that there are still treasured tapestries that can tell us of Galar’s history."
:''"The two youths watching a [[Wishing Star]]."
:''"A disaster occurs... The two bewildered youths."
:''"The youths looking on at the sword and shield that stop the disaster."
:''"The youths being crowned."
:''"These tapestries tell the story of the creation of a kingdom in Galar."
:''"Say, young Gym Challenger, what sticks out to you the most about them?"
::'''There’s two heroes?''': ''"Band on! The statue at the hotel in [[Motostoke]] only had one hero, no matter how you slice it. But here, we clearly have two youths."
::'''The Darkest Day?''': ''"Right? That’s got to be it. The story of the black storm that blotted out the skies was passed on through the years as a tale of disaster… That’s what the Darkest Day is!"
:''"Was there really only one hero, or were there two? And what even caused the Darkest Day?"
:''"Thanks for letting me bounce some ideas off you. I think I’ve got some theories now. I’m going to research the tapestries a tad more, but you have your Gym Challenge, right? I’m cheering for you, so take a couple of these. I hope to see more of your wins!"
::'''If talked to again''' :''"Whatever happened to the sword and shield that drove off the disaster?"
* After defeating the Gym
:''"Looks like my Yamper really likes you, huh? Anyway, we’ve run into each other at a good time. You know the mural here in Stow-on-Side? It’s said to tell the story of the hero of Galar as well. Though what’s there today is actually a replica of the ancient art that used to be here..."
:''"You tend to have surprisingly sharp insight, so I was wondering what you might think when you see the ruins."
:''"Wha...? What in the world was that? Sounds like it came from the direction of the ruins, too..."
:''"Let’s have a look! Come along, Yamper!"
:''"What’s going on up there?!"
:''"You know, during one of [[Bede]]’s matches, I heard the announcer say that [[Bede]] has no family. Apparently it was Rose who took Bede under his wing, and so Bede was battling for the chairman’s sake."
:''"What an awful turn of events… I hope the mural survived all that."
:''"Not a brilliant turn of events, but the ruins were brought into the light for us to see..."
:''"What does this tell us about Galar’s legends?"
::'''Pokémon?/A sword and shield?''' :''"Right! More than any hero, there’s those things that appear to be Pokémon that stand out! Not just that, but those Pokémon appear to be holding a sword and a shield as if they were using them!"
:''"Anything else look interesting to you?"
::'''The hero...was actually two people?/The same as the tapestries?''' :''"Oh, good observation! There really were two heroes. But if that’s the case, then why only the one statue at the Budew Drop Inn?"
:''"More than any statue of a hero or old tapestry, these ruins made in truly ancient times must show us the real truth."
:''"Which means..."
::'''Regardless of choice''': ''"Yup! I was thinking the same thing! Seems like at some point in history the sword and shield were combined with the two actual Pokémon and treated as the same thing... But then what? They just faded from history?"
:''"Two young heroes... The sword and shield were actually Pokémon... But why would the truth of these ruins be hidden when their stories were depicted in artwork?"
:''"With your help, I really feel like we made a big discovery here. Thanks! I’ll give you a couple of these, so you keep giving it your best in the Gym Challenge, too, OK? Guess you’ll be headed to [[Ballonlea]] next, right?"
:'''If talked to again''' :''"So... There was history being covered up by all that over-stylized artwork... I’m gonna have to look into this some more."
* After defeating [[Opal]]
:''"Heya! The Badge collecting going well?"
:''"I’ve been doing some research on the ruins in Stow-on-Side... The sword and shield... What kind of Pokémon were they? And where are they now? I still have so many questions, I was thinking about taking another look at the tapestries in—"
:''"Are you kidding me?!"
:''"What was that?!"
:''"Hammerlocke Stadium shook..."
:''"That’s where Chairman Rose’s power plant is, isn’t it?"
:''"Huh? A Power Spot?!"
::'''What’s wrong?''' :''"I’m getting readings from the Power Spot Detector… Does that mean Dynamaxing is possible here?"
::'''You mean, like where you can Dynamax?''' :''"That’s right! The Power Spot Detector reacts when it’s possible to Dynamax!"
:''"This is bad! Pokémon might start Dynamaxing right in the middle of Hammerlocke!"
:''"You’ll just get lost, Leon. I’m going, too!"
:''"I’m really looking forward to seeing you compete in the Finals. So you should leave the investigation on the quaking to the adults. Head to Circhester and get that Gym Badge!"
* After defeating the Gym
:''"That battle was brilliant! That Gym Leader was tough, but you had no trouble."
:''"Circhester has some really great restaurants."
:''"I got some things I want to talk to you about, so let’s head to a restaurant to celebrate your win! The name of the restaurant is Bob's Your Uncle!"
* Bob's Your Uncle
:''"Oh, hey! There you are."
:''"I’ve been trying to find out more about the Darkest Day and the sword and shield [[Pokémon]], but still no luck..."
:''"Wait! Hold on!"
:''"No way! What’s this?!"
::'''A new chapter in the old Galar legends?/A fifth tapestry!''' :''"The heroes look sad... And where are the sword and shield?"
::'''An absolutely fantastic poster!''' :''"Exactly! Bob, with his brilliant smile, must be part of the legend! Wait, what are you on about?! Don’t confuse me! The heroes look sad... And where are the sword and shield?"
:''"What was the meaning of this picture?"
::'''An end to the legend?''' :''"Hmm... Perhaps when their duty was completed, they went into some kind of sleep?"
::'''Some kind of seal?''' :''"You think so? I guess it could be that they were sealed away. Or maybe they’ve gone into some kind of sleep?"
:''"That’s right! That’s my take on it, at least."
:''"You...met them?"
:''"Oh, that’s right! You lot have been in the Slumbering Weald."
:''"I only started on this journey because my gran told me to, but this is turning out to be too much fun! You’ve got to tell me more. How about we discuss this over a meal? Go on, what do you want to eat? Let’s get our orders in!"
:''"Fascinating... All right, the next thing to do now that we’re done eating is to have a look around Circhester! Let’s inspect the Hero’s Bath!"
* Hero's Bath
:''"The Hero’s Bath... They say this is where the two heroes came to sooth their wounds after the battle to bring down that evil presence, long ago."
:''"Nowadays only Pokémon really use the Hero’s Bath, though... Hmm... Who exactly were the heroes that bathed here? I think I’ll have to look into that."
:''"You two met a mysterious Pokémon back in the Slumbering Weald... two can become new heroes."
:''"What kind of battle do you think the heroes had back then?"
::'''After agreeing to battle Hop''' :''"I don’t entirely understand your reasoning, but I might just as well see what you can do. I’ll heal up your Pokémon for you, <player>, so give it your best!"
* After Battle
:''"Thanks! You two gave a right proper battle... At the rate you both are going, even the unbeatable Leon may be in trouble! So what’s next, you two? I plan to look into things in the Slumbering Weald."
:''"Seems like he finally shook off that gloom. Leon’d worry if Hop wasn’t feeling all right. As his rival, you wouldn’t like it either, right? See ya."
* After defeating [[Piers]]
:''"Well, if it isn’t <player>."
:''"I’d expect nothing less from you and your {{p|Charizard}}, Leon! You took down that Dynamax Pokémon in no time at all!"
:''"An overflowing red light... Pokémon Dynamaxing without a Power Spot?"
:''"I’m not sure... What’s going on? That red light could suddenly appear again at any time and we’d have no way of knowing."
:''"Are you saying that red light and the Darkest Day are connected?!"
:''"Gran, there’s something I want to look into. You’ll help me, right?"
* After defeating [[Raihan]]
:''"Hey there, <player>! You gave Raihan a good thrashing, and that means you’ve completed the Gym Challenge! Congratulations, from the bottom of my heart!"
:''"I really wish we could go celebrate, but I think there’s some things we should talk over."
:''"That light that covered Hammerlocke... It was just like the Darkest Day, where it’s said that giant Pokémon went on a rampage and almost destroyed the entire Galar region."
:''"The legendary sword and shield..."
:''"Are you sure, Gran? I still haven’t finished the work you’ve assigned me."
:'''Regardless of choice''': ''"Y-yeah!"
:''"I know, Gran!"
:''"I’ll do what I can! You or Hop could be the one to take down Leon, and I don’t want to miss that! Not to worry—you can count on me to take care of everything! You just focus on getting to Wyndon. Go on! Head to the station, or you’ll miss your train!"
::'''If talked to again''': ''"The station’s near {{rt|7|Galar}}, remember? Now, off with you Gym Challenger!"
* After Rose interrupts the Championship Match
:''"Huh? <player> and Hop? Ah! I completely forgot about the Championship Match! What’re you two doing here?"
:''"Huh? What?! What happened while I was researching things in the Slumbering Weald?"
:''"Hold on a tick, ma’am. Did you say “the Darkest Day”?
:''"“The Darkest Day” is the name for the black storm that nearly brought the Galar region to ruin in ancient times..."
:''"So what’re you here for, <player>?
::'''I’m here to stop the Darkest Day!''' :''"To stop the Darkest Day... You mean you’re going to search for the sword and shield Pokémon?"
::'''To search for the sword/shield Pokémon''' :''"I suppose if the legends are true, then the sword and shield Pokémon should be able to prevent the Darkest Day from coming to pass... They may be just what we need to beat back the black storm!"
:''"OK! Here, take this. You should head to the Slumbering Weald. I’ll catch up with you once I’m done looking into something that’s been bothering me."
::'''If talked to again''' :''"I’ve got to keep looking into the origin of the sword and shield Pokémon!"
;[[Slumbering Weald]]
* After encountering the Legendary Pokémon
:''"You two... What in the world are you doing?"
:''"Hop, you sure you haven’t lost the plot? There was no one here but the two of you..."
:''"Listen! I dug into some literature from other regions, and I finally found something! Mentions of the sword Pokémon, {{p|Zacian}}, and the shield Pokémon, called {{p|Zamazenta}}. The writings said that those two Pokémon were born somewhere beyond the Slumbering Weald sometime long, long ago."
::'''If talked to again''' :''"Zacian and Zamazenta... They may have been sleeping in the Slumbering Weald right next to your hometown all this time. Perhaps that’s why no one has entered the deepest parts of these woods for so long..."
* After defeating Leon
:''"And if it isn’t the two of you again. I was wondering what all the noise was about."
:''"<player>! Congratulations on beating Leon!"
::'''Thank you''' :''"Taking it all in stride like it’s your due, eh? You cheeky thing!"
::'''It was nothing...''' :''"Oh, trying to act modest, are you? Go on—you’ve earned the right to be proud!"
:''"Hop, I’m actually not working as my gran’s assistant any longer..."
:''"In fact... I’m the professor now!"
:''"And really, I’ve got the two of you to thank for that."
:''"I was just along for the ride on your adventure, but I ended up taking a real interest in the history of the Galar region."
:''"And I came to care for Pokémon even more than I ever had before!"
:''"Ah, here! It’s a [[Sonia's Book|book]] I wrote! I even signed it—that makes it a collector’s item."
:''"Aww, thanks, Hop! That’s so sweet. I’ll sign your copy for you later." :''"Anyway, I’ve got my gran’s blessing and put out my first book under my own name... I think you can expect great things of the lovely Professor Sonia in the future, wouldn’t you say?"
:''"So? What are you young’ns doing here?"
:''"Ohhh... That’s it, isn’t it? You were putting the [[Rusted Sword]] and the [[Rusted Shield]] back in their place?"
:''"Can’t just keep holding on to them forever, right?"
:''"You forgot entirely, didn’t you? What, you think the two of you are besties now with Zacian and Zamazenta or something?!"
::'''If talked to again''' :''"I don’t have the best memories of the Slumbering Weald, but I came to do a quick investigation. Hurry it up, and put the Rusted Sword and the Rusted Shield back where they belong! I’d like to get a photo of them on location."
* After returning the Rusted Sword{{sup/8|Sw}}/Rusted Shield{{sup/8|Sh}}
:''"I think I’ll stay a bit longer. I want to do a little more research here in the forest."
:''"Hm? My Power Spot Detector is going off..."
:''"Eh, ah, hello... You bought my book?"
:''"What?! There are no lies printed in that book!"
:''"What exactly are you two supposed to be?"
* After defeating [[Sordward]]{{sup/8|Sw}}/[[Shielbert]]{{sup/8|Sh}}
:''"What does that even mean...?"
:''"Mural? You mean the one that hid the historical ruins of Zacian and the others? And hold on a moment—<player> wasn’t the one who destroyed it."
:''"Hold on, Hop!"
:''"Ugh, that kid. He’s gone and recklessly run off..."
:''"At least you’re calm, <player>. I expected as much."
:''"I’m surprised that Hop lost to someone like that. He looked upset about something during the battle. Maybe that had something to do with it?"
:''"His own rival became the new Champion, and his goal vanished before his eyes... You can’t help but wonder how he feels about it all."
:''"Anyway! [[Sordward]] and [[Shielbert]], was it? I think I might know something about where those two weirdos went..."
:''"Shall we go over it at the lab in Wedgehurst?"
::'''Of course''' :''"I bet I didn’t even need to ask! Thanks!"
::'''I’m worried about Hop''' :''"I get it... You feel responsible for him and want to help him as soon as you can, right?"
:''"OK, we’ll meet up later, then! I’ll head back to the lab."''
* Pokémon Lab
:''"Hey, <player>! Glad you’re here.
::'''Who’s this?''' :''"She’s my assistant! I’ve been so busy with research lately that I’ve had to bring on some extra help."
::'''You got an assistant?''' :''"Spot on! I’ve been busy with my research, so I decided to bring on some extra help."
:''"I’ve been keeping all the Wishing Stars that Chairman Rose had been gathering here in the lab."
:''"Things have been a little hectic around here, but my assistant has been handling things in a proper fashion. She’s really been helping me keep things afloat."
:''"Come here for a moment, would you? There’s something I want you to have a look at."
:''"You remember my Power Spot Detector, right? It detects places where Dynamaxing is possible... Basically when there’s a high concentration of Galar particles, the readings spike..."
:''"And that’s how I figured it out!"
:''"The Power Spot Detector reacted when those two got close."
::'''Could it be...?''': ''"Exactly!"
::'''So what does that mean?''': ''"Basically..."
:''"follow the readings from the Power Spot Detector, and you might be able to find those sword and shield weirdos."
:''"Sordward and Shielbert might claim to be royalty, with their weird, fancy hairstyles. But it’s easier to just call them weirdos, don’t you think?"
:''"Let’s get back on topic, though!"
:''"I placed Power Spot Detectors all around Galar, and now it’s their time to shine."
:''"Power Spot Detectors—access!"
:''"Whoa, whoa! That’s a way bigger reaction than I would’ve thought! Looks like it’s coming from… Turffield Stadium?"
:''"You could always Dynamax Pokémon at the stadium, so that’s not exactly unusual. But these readings are way higher than normal!"
:''"It can’t be {{p|Eternatus}}... You already caught it. Maybe it’s something related to those sword and shield weirdos?"
:''"You should go check it out, <player>. Since you’re our snazzy new Champion and all!"
:''"I’ve set up your Town Map to show where the strong particle reactions are coming from, so have a look at it."
::'''If talked to again''' :''"I’ll leave looking into Turffield to you. I’ll stay here and try to look into those rude weirdos."
* After defeating the Dynamax Pokémon
:''"Ah, there you are, <player>! Things are a right proper mess!"
:''"Just when I though the Galar particle count around Turffield had calmed down..."
:''"I started getting huge Galar particle readings from Hulbury Stadium and Motostoke Stadium!"
:''"So, what exactly happened at Turffield Stadium?"
::'''Explain exactly what happened''' :''"What?! A Dynamax Pokémon went on a rampage?"
::'''Exaggerate what happened''' :''"What?! A Dynamax Pokémon completely destroyed the stadium? Wait... Turffield Stadium is still there."
:''"Huh? Those sword and shield weirdos did it?"
:''"Hm? Hop and...Piers?!"
:''"Piers, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be back in Spikemuth?"
:''"Yes. I’m getting the same readings in other towns as I was from Turffield Stadium."
:''"Ah, but [[Spikemuth]] Gym should be OK, right? I’m only seeing readings from Hulbury Stadium and Motostoke Stadium."
:''"Leave those sword and shield weirdos to me."
:''"I can poke around the net for sightings of them!"
::'''If talked to again''': ''"Those sword and shield weirdos stick out like a sore thumb. It shouldn’t be too hard to find them. Time for a little searching on social media!"
;[[Rotom Phone]]
* After visiting both [[Hulbury Stadium]] and Motostoke Stadium
:''"<player>! We’ve got trouble! Those two weirdos have showed up at the Pokémon Lab!"
:''"They keep rudely demanding I hand over Wishing Stars. I’m all right for now, but get over here quick, OK? These guys are right creepy!"
* Pokémon Lab
:''"Wishing Stars and being a celebrity have nothing to do with each other!"
:''"I don’t know how you knew about this, but there’s no way we’re giving them to you!"
:''"Don’t let these goons put you down!"
* After defeating the brothers
:''"Those men are dangerous! Be careful!"
:''"What? Stop! Give back those Wishing Stars!"
:''"Was everything... Was it all a lie, right from the start?"
::'''If talked to again''' :''"... ... ..."
* Outside Pokémon Lab
:''"Wait! Don’t just leave without saying anything!"
:''"Of course I’d be down on myself! It was my fault I for tricked by a Nickit in Wooloo’s clothing."
:''"But that’s it! No more feeling sorry for myself!"
:''"That lot made off like bandits with all the Wishing stars!"
:''"It’d be awful if they were used for some evil purpose, so there’s no time to be feeling down!"
:''"But why? What reason could they have for forcing Pokémon to Dynamax?"
:''"I’m curious about what my former assistant said about a royal lineage. Did she mean it literally?"
:''"...Ah, <player>! Look at your Town Map!"
:''"I’m detecting huge reactions at four stadiums now!"
:''"Ah, [[Spikemuth]] seems to be OK. There’s no Power Spot stadium there..."
:''"I’m sorry to leave it all to you, but you’ll have to take care of the Dynamax Pokémon. I’ll search for those sword and shield weirdos in the meantime!"
;[[Rotom Phone]]
* After visiting all four Gyms
:''"<player>! It's me! Sonia!"
:''"Those sword and shield weirdos got into Hammerlocke Stadium and are headed for the Energy Plant."
:''"The door to the plant’s locked, but I think I can get it open. Give me a bit, and you’ll be able to get in there!"
:''"You hear that? [[Hammerlocke]] Stadium. Get over there as soon as you can!"
;[[Hammerlocke Stadium]]
* Before visiting all four Gyms
:''"Oh, <player>! Someone saw those sword and shield weirdos! They said they got through the door! But the door’s closed with an electric lock. Opening it might take some time..."
* After calling the player
:''"Wha—? You’re back already? Hold on a moment! I think I’ve got it... Huh? That’s strange..."
:''"What?! opened?!"
:''"Yamper! I should’ve known! Thanks for your help!"
:''"Those two weird guys are probably up ahead. Be careful!"
;[[Energy Plant]]
:''"... ... ..."
:''"Well... I could believe that you two are descendants of a Galarian king..."
:''"You’re wrong! What I wrote was the truth!"
:''"My hypothesis was that Zacian and Zamazenta have been protecting the Galar region since ancient times!"
::'''If talked to''': ''"I can’t really battle, but I’ll support you however I can!"
*After defeating Sordward{{sup/8|Sw}}/Shielbert{{sup/8|Sh}}
:''"What was that sound?"
* Tower Summit
:''"Stop! Zamazenta{{sup/8|Sw}}/Zacian{{sup/8|Sh}} is in pain!"
:''"It’s trying to suppress and calm itself, but it can’t control all the power!"
:''"It’s coming, <player>!"
*After defeating Zamazenta{{sup/8|Sw}}/Zacian{{sup/8|Sh}}
:''"Hop! Watch out!"
::'''If talked to''' :''"Amazing… Absolutely incredible, <player>... I wonder if Zacian{{sup/8|Sw}}/Zamazenta{{sup/8|Sh}} is thanking you, too?"
* After catching Zacian{{sup/8|Sw}}/Zamazenta{{sup/8|Sh}}
:''"Wow, brilliant! Seems like you’ve been recognized by real royalty!"
:''"I was really hurt at first, but I’ve rallied. Thanks to you, I ended up learning quite a bit... Ah, that came off a bit more sarcastic than I thought it would!"
:''"Righto! We’ve stopped them from causing any harm! Still, I hope Zamazenta{{sup/8|Sw}}/Zacian{{sup/8|Sh}} is OK..."
:''"<player>, your Rotom Phone! Probably Hop, I reckon!"
:''"He sure sounds like he’s got his hands full. Guess some things never change!"
:''"Even in its Poké Ball, Zacian{{sup/8|Sw}}/Zamazenta{{sup/8|Sh}} seems worried about its partner. We should go to the Slumbering Weald and see how Hop and Zamazenta{{sup/8|Sw}}/Zacian{{sup/8|Sh}} are doing."
;[[Slumbering Weald]]
:'''If talked to at the entrance''': ''"Want me to show you to the center of the woods, where Hop is waiting?"
::'''Yes''': ''"All right! Let’s get a move on."
::'''No''': ''"OK! Take all the time you need to prepare."
:''"Hop! You look a fright!"
:''"*sigh* Rushing in and trying to calm a legendary hero head on was awful reckless..."
:''"What did Zamazenta{{sup/8|Sw}}/Zacian{{sup/8|Sh}} say?"
:''"Wait, seriously?! That’s totally crazy!"
:''"You two really are something!"
:'''If talked to again''' :''"[[Hop]] sure must be tough if he’s been accepted by Zamazenta{{sup/8|Sw}}/Zacian{{sup/8|Sh}}. Make sure you’re in top form before challenging him. If you need some time to prepare, I can take you back to the entrance of the woods."
::'''Yes''': ''"All right! Let’s get a move on."
::'''No''': ''"OK! Take all the time you need to prepare."
* After defeating Hop
:''"Ahhh! No fair. You two are so young and cute."
:''"I’m tearing up."
:''"What?! I’m still young and super energetic!"
:''"Say, Hop. Fancy becoming my assistant at the lab?"
:''"I’ve got all the books and data on Pokémon you could ever want!"
:''"Since you want to be a professor someday, I’ll oversee your studies!"
:''"Of course! Mind you, it’ll be a lot of work. Work’s really been piling up since I lost my first assistant!"
:''"What’re you lot doing here?"
:''"I already told you two... Zacian and Zamazenta are the real royalty."
:''"Oh? Leon gave you some pretty high praise. You look like the Meowth’s got your tongue, Hop."
:''"All right, I guess we should get going, too..."
* Pokémon Lab
:'''If talked to''' :''"If it isn’t <player>. Hop’s been studying pretty hard, surprisingly. I’m sure he’d be glad to know you dropped by for a visit."
;[[Frostpoint Field]]
:''"Yes! There they are!"
:''"These are exactly what I was looking for! I knew my hypothesis was spot on! Hm? Wait... <player>?! What are you doing in a place like this?!"
::'''Exploring!''': ''"Are you having me on? This freezing place? Hardly the kind of locale I'd pick to go exploring, if it were up to me..."
:''"But here I am, stuck in the Crown Tundra, trying to learn more about a group of Pokémon. There are some Pokémon that prefers places where there are no people, you see--Pokémon that choose to live in isolation."
:''"The Crown Tundra here is just the place for that sort of Pokémon. If my theory is correct...then I think a certain trio of Legendary Pokémon could be lurking somewhere in these lands! I am sure my theory's not wrong. If you want some proof, then look there! See those footprints?"
* After collecting the footprints
:''"My theory is that the legendary Iron Will Pokémon, Cavern Pokémon, and Grassland Pokémon are all somewhere out here in the Crown Tundra! And there's evidence like this scattered all over the place that'll lead us to them! If we could find more evidence and collect 100 percent of the data needed to track these Legendary Pokémon, then I bet we could use my Pokémon Finder to figure out what habitats they're living in! But this place is wicked cold, and it's putting me in hibernation mode... Are you planning to stick around here for a while, <player>? Think you could try to spot more evidence like this and report it to me when you find it? I'll reward you for your hard work, of course! I'll be waiting in that house there, so I can stay warm and cozy and maybe feel my fingers...Er, so that I can grip a pen and write, of course! Since I'll be working so hard on my research!"