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This is a '''[[list of Pokémon]] by their height''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|高|たか}}さ''' ''height''), from the shortest (0[[wp:Foot (unit of length)|']]04[[wp:Inch|"]]/0.1 [[wp:Metre|m]]) to the longest/tallest (65'07"/20.0 m).
This does not include [[Gigantamax]] forms; while Gigantamax forms are known to have heights exceeding certain values, their exact heights are unknown.
* In an interview with Nintendo of Europe [[Shigeru Ohmori]] states that a Rayquaza stretched all the way out might be taller than an Alolan Exeggutor.<ref>[https://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2016/October/Is-there-anything-taller-than-an-Alolan-Exeggutor-Find-out-in-our-exclusive-Pokemon-Sun-and-Pokemon-Moon-interview--1148574.html Is there anything taller than an Alolan Exeggutor? Find out in our exclusive Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon interview!(19th october, 2016)]</ref>
==In other languages==
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|zh_yue=身高 ''Sāngōu''
|zh_cmn=身高 ''Shēngāo''
|hi=ऊँचाई ''Oonchaee''
|ko=키 ''Ki''
|ru=Рост ''Rost''
|th=ส่วนสูง ''Suansung''
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