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(Female Style Card clothing here is completely different from the Male versions, so I have no reference point from my game to determine what brand those are)
{{Fashion/l2|Outerwear|Hoodie|Company Icon Daily Discovery|Gray Greed, The Champ, Sunset City|2,500}}
{{Fashion/l2|Outerwear|Varsity Jacket|Company Icon Other2|Green, Red, Blue|17,800}}
{{Fashion/l2|Outerwear|Knitted Parka|Company Icon Other2|White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Navy, Purple, Pink, Tan|10,080}}
{{Fashion/l2|Bottoms|Trackie Bottoms|Company Icon DENSOKU|Challenger Kit|4,300}}
{{Fashion/l2|Bottoms|Designer Denim|Company Icon Other2|Light Blue, Blue, Navy, Black, Faded Black|11,200}}
'''After obtaining the [[Style Card]]''' ('''{{color2|{{stamina color}}|The Isle of Armor|IoA}}''')
{{Fashion/l2|Dresses|Sleeveless Dress|Company Icon LASS|White, Pink, Black, Sand, Indigo|4,200}}
{{Fashion/l2|Bags|Designer Leather Rucksack|Company Icon LASS|Black/Red, Green/Black, White/Black, Pink/White, Red/Black|5,500}}