Difference between revisions of "Vs. Seeker"

==In the manga==
[[File:VS Seeker Adventures.png|thumb|100px150px|The Vs. Seeker in [[Pokémon Adventures]]]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
The Vs. Seeker was introduced in ''[[PS276|My, My, My Mimic]]'' as one {{adv|Bill}}'s latest inventions. He gave one of these devices to {{adv|Red}}, {{adv|Blue}}, and {{adv|Green}} each. In ''[[PS284|Red, Green, Blue and Mewtwo Too]]'', the three [[Pokédex holder]]s' Vs. Seekers activated when they approached [[Trainer Tower]], revealing that [[Team Rocket]] was present at the tower and using it as their base.
In [[Pokémon Adventures]], the Vs. Seeker works by sensing the fighting spirit of Trainers willing to battle within a certain radius and then pointing a beam of light towards them.