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title_en=The Mandarin Island Miss Match |
title_ja=してんのうカンナ!こおりのたたかい!! |
title_ja_trans=FourKanna Heavenlyof KingsThe KannaBig Four! Ice Battle!! |
screen=hd |
broadcast_jp=June 3, 1999 |
'''The Mandarin Island Miss Match''' (Japanese: '''してんのうカンナ!こおりのたたかい!!''' ''{{tt|FourKanna|Lorelei, HeavenlyPrima Kings|Elitein Fourthe dub}} of {{tt|Kanna|Lorelei,The PrimaBig inFour|Elite the dubFour}}! Ice Battle!!'') is the 99th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It was first broadcast in Japan on June 3, 1999 and in the United States on April 15, 2000.
|hu={{tt|Ash csatája a Mandarin szigeten|Ash's Battle on the Mandarin Island}}
|it={{tt|Lezioni di vita|Life lessons}}
|ko={{tt|사천왕 칸나! 물과 얼음의 마음|Lorelei of the Elite Four, Ice Battle}}
|no={{tt|Mandarinøyas overraskelse|The surprise of Mandarin Island}}
|pl={{tt|Mistrzyni Wyspy Mandarynek|Mandarin Island Mistress}}