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{{itemlist|TM Normal VI|Lower tier, in the area accessible from the stairs south of the Budew Drop Inn, next to a group of shipping containers|Sw=yes|Sh=yes|display={{TM|02|Pay Day}}}}
{{itemlist|Star Piece|Upper tier, from a man in the leftmost room of the Budew Drop Inn|Sw=yes|Sh=yes}}
{{itemlist|None|sprite=823MSCompany Icon Galar Taxi|size=x32|Upper tier, from a {{tc|League Staff}} member in front of Motostoke Stadium after the opening ceremony|Sw=yes|Sh=yes|display=[[Flying Taxi]]}}
{{itemlist|None|Upper tier, from [[Hop]] after defeating him in front of {{rt|3|Galar}}|Sw=yes|Sh=yes|display=[[Hop]]'s [[League Card]]|sprite=League Card Hop|size=x32}}
{{itemlist|None|Upper tier, from [[Marnie]] after defeating her at Budew Drop Inn|Sw=yes|Sh=yes|display=[[Kabu]]'s [[League Card]]|sprite=League Card Kabu|size=x32}}