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Garbodor (Pokémon)

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As Gigantamax Garbodor, its size has increased with an altered look. The sclera in its eyes are dark pink. The feet disappear, with the lumpy body expanding. Several discarded toys appear on Garbodor. The toys are as follows: toy car, blocks, toy airplane, toy cruise ship, {{m|Substitute}} doll, [[Poke Doll]], [[Master Ball]], fish skeleton resembling {{p|Magikarp}}, and toy train. Its fingers no longer have holes in them. The spikes on its shoulder become longer; the right arm becomes bulkier; it has dark blue, pink, and light green spots all across its body; and three red clouds float around the head.
When Gigantamaxing, its toxic gas becomes thicker. This resultresults in the gas taking a solid shape of discarded toys. Gigantamax Garbodor releases the gas through its mouth and fingers. Shouldand should the gas engulf someone, the toxin will seep deep ininto thetheir bones.
Gigantamax Garbodor is the [[Signature move|only known Pokémon]] capable of using the exclusive [[G-Max Move]] {{m|G-Max Malodor}}.
{{Availability/Entry1|1|v=Shuffle|color={{beauty color}}|area=[[Pedra Valley|Pedra Valley: Stage 194]]}}
{{Availability/Entry1|1|v=Rumble World|color={{fire color}}|area=[[Plasma Tundra#Abundant Orchard|Plasma Tundra: Abundant Orchard]] <small>(All Areas)</small>}}
{{Availability/Entry1|1|v=Rumble Rush|color={{fire color}}|area=[[Mimikyu Sea]], [[Mimikyu Sea]]<sup>Final</sup>}}
Garbodor is based on a garbage bag that is bursting with garbage. Its visual design may be a reference to the phrase "dust bunny", a term used in both the U.S. and Japan for clumps of lint. In Japan, the word "dust" is also used to refer to other forms of trash and refuse.
====Name origin====