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In ''[[JN034|Solitary and Menacing!]]'', Farfetch'd was the first Pokémon that Ash used in his [[World Coronation Series]] battle against [[Bea]] and her {{p|Hawlucha}} at the [[Fighting Dojo]]. Despite putting up a tough fight, Farfetch'd found it difficult to keep up with Hawlucha's speed, and it was ultimately defeated.
In [[JN051]], Ash used Farfetch'd in a World Coronation Series battle against [[Genba]] and his {{p|Gurdurr}} at [[Rock Tunnel]]. Despite Gurdurr's formidable physical strength, Farfetch'd eventually emerged victorious, increasing Ash's ranking. Soon after, Ash was challenged by [[Rinto]] and his {{p|Gallade}}. Gallade easily dodged all of Farfetch'd's attacks before using {{m|False Swipe}} on it, taking it down without actually making it [[fainting|faint]]. Ash vows to work with Farfetch'd to work in unison to reach their goals together.
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===Personality and characteristics===
[[File:Ash and Goh Farfetch'd.png|thumb|250px|Facing its regional variant]]
Farfetch'd is a very prideful Pokémon, tending to engage others in {{pkmn|battle}} in order to hone its skills. Even when it is at the brink of defeat, it refuses to give up, pushing its body to the absolute limit. Upon seeing {{Ash}} sharing the same battling spirit and passion, Farfetch'd agreed to join his [[Party|team]] after Ash offered to help it grow stronger, and it immediately resumed training with {{AP|Riolu}} after its capture. As shown in [[JN051]], Farfetch'd generally acts cold and aloof towards its Trainer, and is only interested in working towards its goal of becoming a Leek Master. It has even been seen rushing into battle against Ash's orders when particularly engrossed in a fight. While itsit's raw power was enough to defeat [[Genba]]'s {{p|Gurdurr}}, it was completely outmatched by [[Rinto]] and {{p|Gallade}}, who were completely in sync with each other.This loss help it grow more open towards working with Ash towards their goals.
Ash's Farfetch'd appears to have a mutual rivalry with [[Goh's Farfetch'd|Goh's own Farfetch'd]]. While the two are normally friendly to each other, they are prone to bickering, which leads to them clashing with their leeks.