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→‎On hand: He said he can fix it.
m (→‎On hand: He said he can fix it.)
|vajp=Yasuhiro Mamiya
|desc=Gurdurr is Genba's only known Pokémon. Genba used Gurdurr in a [[World Coronation Series]] match against {{Ash}}, where it went up against his {{AP|Farfetch'd}}, only to be defeated when Farfetch'd's {{m|Brutal Swing}} smashed through its girder. Gurdurr was upset by its girder being smashed but Genba gave it his pickaxe tofor uselittle insteadwhile until rebuilds the girder.
Gurdurr's only known moves are {{m|High Horsepower}}, {{m|Brutal Swing}}, {{m|Focus Blast}}, and {{m|Bulk Up}}.}}