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* In ''[[EP056|The Ultimate Test]]'', {{Ash}}'s {{pkmn2|rental}} {{p|Meowth}} got frozen by an Ice Beam from the [[Pokémon League entrance exam instructor]]'s {{p|Vaporeon}}, ending the match in the instructor's victory. {{TRT}}'s {{OBP|Meowth|Team Rocket}} jumped onto the field and kicked the ice surrounding the instructor's Meowth into pieces, freeing the latter.
* In ''[[EP099|The Mandarin Island Miss Match]]'', Meowth and the rest of Team Rocket got frozen by an {{m|Ice Punch}} from [[Lorelei#In the anime|Prima]]'s {{p|Jynx}}.
* In ''[[EP105|Charizard Chills]]'', [[Ash's Charizard]] was frozen by an Ice Beam from [[Tad]]'s {{p|Poliwrath}}, winning its Trainer the match. Ash stayed up all night with Charizard to treat its injuries, winning back its loyalty.