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(→‎Legendary birds: The Galarian variants are referred to as the Legendary wings.)
===[[The Crown Tundra]]===
====[[Legendary birds|Legendary wings]]====
After obtaining the [[Legendary Clue 3]] from Peony, his notes in the clue will inform the player of a large tree in the [[Crown Tundra]] where legendary Pokémon gather. By going to [[Dyna Tree Hill]], a cutscene of the Legendary birdswings will occur. Afterwards, the three birds will [[Roaming Pokémon|roam]] around Galar's three Wild Areas. Unlike previous roaming Pokémon, they do not flee once encountered.
=====Galarian Articuno=====
{{rf|Galarian}} {{p|Articuno}} can be found flying around the [[Crown Tundra]]. Articuno will land in various places in the Crown Tundra. Upon landing, it will create two mirages of itself. However, they are not perfect copies, and if the player spots the correct Articuno, it will battle the player. If the player interacts with a mirage, Articuno will fly off.