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Shuppet and Max hide under the table cloth as the Rocket trio enters the room. Max then notices May's Torchic come in as well, but he is still angry with May and decides to continue hiding. He quickly becomes conflicted as Team Rocket try to steal Torchic, though eventually steps in to defend it. The trio spots Shuppet, and [[James]] refers to his index cards which reveals that Shuppet has the ability to absorb human emotions. Realizing this, Team Rocket set their sights on nabbing Shuppet to ease {{an|Giovanni|their Boss}}’ aggression. May overhears the confrontation and is touched to see Max is defending Torchic on her behalf. She steps into the room, declaring that Max is the only brother she has and that she loves him. Max tells May that he loves her too. [[Jessie]] orders out her {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}} to attack, but Torchic batters it first with a {{m|Quick Attack}}. [[James's Cacnea]] turns its attention onto the battle and unleashes a {{m|Pin Missile}}, which Torchic counters with {{m|Ember}}. Seviper attempts a {{m|Poison Tail}}, though Torchic dodges the attack. Instead, Seviper’s tail causes a display cabinet to begin falling, luckily Shuppet uses Psychic to save Max from being crushed.
Ash and others arrive on the scene, and Emily is shocked to see the rather familiar Shuppet. After Team Rocket breaks up the conversation, Shuppet uses Psychic to scare them with plates and silverware. Everyone realizes that Shuppet was responsible for the haunting rumors, and Emily recalls that she and Shuppet used to play together. Shuppet stares into Emily's eyes and realizes it is the same young girl it used to play with. Emily apologizes, admitting that sometimes adults become too busy and forget things. Team Rocket takes a net, grabs Shuppet, and makes a run for it. Meowth presses a button to open a window and they jump out and into their waiting [[Team Rocket's mechas|Meowth balloon]]. Ash commands Swellow to rescue Shuppet, while Cacnea attacks with Pin Missile. Swellow dodges Pin Missile and uses {{m|Wing Attack}} to free Shuppet from the net. {{AP|Pikachu}} uses {{m|Thunder}} to send Team Rocket blasting off. Afterwards Max and May apologize to each other and settle their differences. As everyone says their goodbyes, Emily tells them that both her and Shuppet will work together to open up the mansion as a hotel, even inviting the group to stay some time. Max is thrilled to see Shuppet has reunited with an old friend, so he and the others head off on the road towards [[Fortree City]].
==Major events==