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Freeze (status condition)

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In the anime
==In the anime==
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[[File:Ash Buizel Ice Aqua Jet.png|thumb|250px|{{AP|Buizel}} is frozen]]
In the {{pkmn|anime}}, the frozen status is literally the same as in the {{pkmn|games}}; once a Pokémon is frozen, it can't move and is open to attacks. In some cases, a [[Battle judge|referee]] may call a frozen Pokémon unable to battle.
Freezing is one of the most common status conditions featured in the anime, resulting often when a Pokémon gets hit by an Ice-type attack like {{m|Ice Beam}} or {{m|Blizzard}}.
* In ''[[EP105EP056|CharizardThe ChillsUltimate Test]]'', [[{{Ash}}'s Charizard]]{{pkmn2|rental}} {{p|Meowth}} wasgot frozen by an Ice Beam from the [[TadPokémon League entrance exam instructor]]'s {{p|PoliwrathVaporeon}}, winningending itsthe Trainermatch in the matchinstructor's victory. {{AshTRT}}'s stayed{{OBP|Meowth|Team upRocket}} alljumped nightonto withthe Charizardfield toand treatkicked itsthe injuries,ice winningsurrounding backthe itsinstructor's Meowth into pieces, freeing the loyaltylatter.
* In ''[[EP105|Charizard Chills]]'', [[Ash's Charizard]] was frozen by an Ice Beam from [[Tad]]'s {{p|Poliwrath}}, winning its Trainer the match. Ash stayed up all night with Charizard to treat its injuries, winning back its loyalty.
* In ''[[EP187|Moving Pictures]]'', a frozen {{p|Sunkern}} fell from the sky near Ash and {{ashfr}}. It was later thawed out after being put in a basin of hot water.