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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
[[File:Feefee Blizzard.png|thumb|150px|Sceptile being frozen]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
* In ''[[PS005|Onix is On!]]'', {{adv|Red}}'s [[Poli]] froze a [[Pewter Gym]] {{pkmn|Trainer}}'s {{p|Graveler}} with {{m|Ice Beam}}.
* In ''[[PS009|...But Fearow Itself!]]'', Red had Poli freeze a then-wild {{p|Fearow}} with Ice Beam after distracting the [[Pokémon category|Beak Pokémon]] with a {{m|Double Team}} afterimage.
* In ''[[PS017|The Jynx Jinx]]'', Red's Poli was frozen by [[Team Rocket Elite Trio|Ken]]'s {{p|Jynx}}'s {{m|Ice Punch}}.
* In ''[[PS023|Make Way for Magmar!]]'', {{adv|Giovanni}} used his {{p|Cloyster}} to freeze and subsequently kill two wild {{p|Magmar}}.
* In ''[[PS025|You Know... Articuno!]]'', {{DL|Legendary birds (Adventures)|Articuno}} used {{m|Blizzard}} to freeze [[Team Rocket]]'s {{p|Muk}} that was attacking Red and {{cat|Red's Pokémon|his Pokémon}}. This, however, forced Articuno to spend so much energy that Team Rocket was able to capture it soon after. When [[Koga]] [[PS031|later]] used Articuno against Red and {{adv|Blue}} during the [[Silph Co.]] showdown, he had it use Blizzard to freeze the two Trainers solid. However, they were freed from the ice when [[Blue's Charizard]] used {{m|Flamethrower}} on the room from outside of the building.
* In ''[[PS037|Golly, Golem!]]'', Red's Poli was frozen by Giovanni's Cloyster in a battle at [[Viridian Gym]].
* In ''[[PS111|Tyranitar War]]'', [[Silver's Sneasel]] froze {{adv|Gold}}'s {{p|Sunkern|Sunbo}} with Blizzard.
* In ''[[PS144|Savvy Swinub]]'', [[Pryce]] used his {{p|Swinub}}'s Blizzard to freeze {{p|Suicune}}, although it was afterward revealed that the "Suicune" was actually a moving ice statue created by Pryce and moved by his Ice Pokémon.
* In ''[[PS309PS290|MovingA PastWell-Journeyed MiloticJumpluff]]'', a[[Orm]]'s {{p|DusclopsJumpluff}} frozegot frozen after {{adv|EmeraldYellow}}'s borrowedhad her {{p|RapidashOmastar}} during his[[Nickname|named]] [[Battle PikeOmny]] challenge.use ItBlizzard wason able to thaw itself out by using {{m|Flame Wheel}}it.
* In ''[[PS322PS309|SusceptibleMoving toPast SceptileMilotic]]'', [[Emerald'sa Sceptile]]{{p|Dusclops}} was frozen byfroze {{adv|RubyEmerald}}'s [[Feefee]]'sborrowed {{mp|BlizzardRapidash}} during theirhis [[Battle DomePike]] matchchallenge. It was able to thaw itself out by using {{m|Flame Wheel}}.
* In ''[[PS409PS322|ShunningSusceptible Spiritombto Sceptile]]'', [[Cyrus]]Emerald's Sceptile]] was frozen by {{padv|WeavileRuby}} froze's [[CynthiaFeefee]]'s {{pm|SpiritombBlizzard}}. Cynthiaduring tried to heal Spiritomb with antheir [[AspearBattle BerryDome]], but Cyrus prevented this by having Weavile use {{m|Embargo}}match.
* In ''[[PS409|Shunning Spiritomb]]'', [[Cyrus]]'s {{p|Weavile}} froze [[Cynthia]]'s {{p|Spiritomb}}. Cynthia tried to heal Spiritomb with an [[Aspear Berry]], but Cyrus prevented this by having Weavile use {{m|Embargo}}.