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* Pokémon Lab
:'''If talked to''' :''"If it isn’t <player>. Hop’s been studying pretty hard, surprisingly. I’m sure he’d be glad to know you dropped by for a visit."
;[[Frostpoint Field]]
:''"Yes! There they are!"
:''"These are exactly what I was looking for! I knew my hypothesis was spot on! Hm? Wait... <player>?! What are you doing in a place like this?!"
::'''Exploring!''': ''"Are you having me on? This freezing place? Hardly the kind of locale I'd pick to go exploring, if it were up to me..."
:''"But here I am, stuck in the Crown Tundra, trying to learn more about a group of Pokémon. There are some Pokémon that prefers places where there are no people, you see--Pokémon that choose to live in isolation."
:''"The Crown Tundra here is just the place for that sort of Pokémon. If my theory is correct...then I think a certain trio of Legendary Pokémon could be lurking somewhere in these lands! I am sure my theory's not wrong. If you want some proof, then look there! See those footprints?"
* After collecting the footprints
:''"My theory is that the legendary Iron Will Pokémon, Cavern Pokémon, and Grassland Pokémon are all somewhere out here in the Crown Tundra! And there's evidence like this scattered all over the place that'll lead us to them! If we could find more evidence and collect 100 percent of the data needed to track these Legendary Pokémon, then I bet we could use my Pokémon Finder to figure out what habitats they're living in! But this place is wicked cold, and it's putting me in hibernation mode... Are you planning to stick around here for a while, <player>? Think you could try to spot more evidence like this and report it to me when you find it? I'll reward you for your hard work, of course! I'll be waiting in that house there, so I can stay warm and cozy and maybe feel my fingers...Er, so that I can grip a pen and write, of course! Since I'll be working so hard on my research!"