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In the anime
* In ''[[BW090|Jostling for the Junior Cup!]]'', [[Iris's Dragonite]] was frozen by Georgia's Beartic's Ice Beam.
* In ''[[SM053|Rescuing the Unwilling!]]'', {{an|Lusamine}}'s {{p|Absol}} froze the feet of [[Gladion's Silvally]] to the ground. In [[SM054|the next episode]], however, {{an|Gladion}} places a [[Fire Memory]] in Silvally's {{a|RKS System}}, changing its [[type]] to {{t|Fire}} and allowing to melt its feet out of the ice.
* In ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'', [[Corey]]'s {{p|Gengar}} was frozen after [[Neesha]] had her Blastoise use Ice Beam on it, forcing Corey to recall it.
* In ''[[SM088|Full Moon and Many Arms!]]'', a {{pkmn2|wild}} {{DL|Light trio (anime)|Necrozma}} was briefly frozen by an Ice Beam from {{an|Lana}}'s [[Poké Ride|Ride]] {{p|Dragonair}} before itthe former broke out of the ice with brute force.
* In ''[[JN011|Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!]]'', [[Chloe's Yamper]] was briefly frozen by a {{AP|Gengar}}'s {{m|Ice Punch}}, but was thawed by the heat pads on [[Goh's Scorbunny]]'s feet.