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* April 16, 2005: Bulbapedia's 1,500th article is created, as part of [[User:Zeta|Zeta]]'s [[:Category:Trainer classes|Trainer classes]] article series.
* May 16, 2005: Bulbapedia's 200th user registers.
* May 19, 2005: Again, Bulbapedia was vandalized again by Ph34r. This event is known as [[{{bp|The Great Bulbapedia Turkey Shoot]]}}.
* June 4, 2005: Bulbapedia's 2,000th article is created as part of the mass-upload of [[Bulbapedia:Project Anime|Project Anime]] by [[User:Zhen Lin|Zhen Lin]].
* July 28, 2005: Bulbapedia is moved to a new host, Elixant; total page views also exceed 450,000 that day.