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Introduced in {{game|Gold and Silver|s}}, Celebi was the second Mythical Pokémon to be released. Created by [[Ken Sugimori]], it was dubbed the "New Mew" soon after being revealed because of its similar size and stats with Mew, as well as the status of being the last in the [[National Pokédex]] as of its generation and being unobtainable through normal gameplay. It first became available in Nintendo Space World 2000 in Japan, with numerous other events coming in the following years worldwide.
In {{game|Crystal}}, if the player has the [[GS Ball]] [[Key Item]], they can encounter a wild Celebi in [[Ilex Forest]]. In the original [[Game Boy Color]] release of Pokémon Crystal, this item was distributed via [[Pokémon Mobile System GB]] in Japan (it was not available outside of Japan). In the [[Nintendo 3DS]] [[Virtual Console]] release, the player can obtain the GS Ball in normal gameplay in [[Goldenrod City]] after entering the [[Hall of Fame]], making this the second time a Mythical Pokémon can be encountered in normal gameplay (after {{p|Deoxys}} in {{g|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}).
In {{g|Colosseum}}, Celebi appears if the player uses a [[Time Flute]] at the [[Relic Stone]], descending from above and then flying around a [[Shadow Pokémon]] to instantly [[purification|purify]] it. In the Japanese version, the player can obtain Celebi after purifying all 64 Shadow Pokémon in the game.