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Idol (Trainer class)

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An '''Idol''' (Japanese: '''アイドル''' ''Idol'') is a type of [[Pokémon Trainer]] that debuted in the [[Generation IV]] games. Outside the {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|IV}}, there is only one Idol, Grace, who is found in the [[Jubilife City]] [[Jubilife TV|TV station]] in {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}} and inside various [[Oreburgh CitySinnoh]]'s [[Pokémon Center]]s after the player defeatsobtains the [[GymVs. Leader]] [[GardeniaSeeker]] in {{game|Platinum}}. Idols are teenage girls dressed up in elaborate pink pop star outfits with a microphone.
They mostly use cute Pokémon from the {{egg3|Fairy}}, such as {{p|Pikachu}} and {{p|Clefairy}}, in battle.