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Garbodor (Pokémon)

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Garbodor is a {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} which has the appearance of a pile of trash spilling out of a large, torn garbage bag. It has a round, lumpy body that is mostly tan with blue and pink lumps. Its head has the appearance of the tied end of a garbage bag that has been ripped open and trails down like a cape. It has two appendages that look like clumps of garbage coming from its head. Its large, round eyes have small pupils, and when it opens its mouth, its large, triangular teeth can be seen. Garbodor has two long arms made of garbage; one held together with piping, with fingers also made up of piping material, and the other held together with rebar. It has one finger on its left hand and three on the other. It also has flat, dumpy feet.
Garbodor is able to spray poisonous gas and filth from its fingertips, but only from its right hand. The toxic liquid from its right arm is so virulent, it can kill a weakened foe instantly. If that filth is blocked, its arm can swell up, causing it considerable pain and discomfort. It also finishes off opponents by belting them with its left arm and spewing an awful-smelling toxic gas from its mouth. Garbodor prefers to live in unsanitary places such as garbage dumps where Garbodor devour garbage in order to grow larger. [[Alola]] was once home to many Garbodor, but the population shrank precipitously after {{p|Grimer}} was introduced to its habitat. This is said to have made the remaining Garbodor population stronger than its counterparts from other regions. {{rf|Alolan}} {{p|Muk}} prey on Garbodor.