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Cinderace tends to stick up for other Pokémon, including ones it doesn't know. In ''[[JN015|A Snow Day for Searching!]]'', it attacked a group of {{p|Mankey}} that were picking on a Cubone without any prompting from its Trainer. In ''[[JN022|Goodbye, Friend!]]'', Raboot helped two {{p|Zigzagoon}} and a {{p|Lombre}} defend their home from three {{p|Loudred}} in a dance battle. Since {{TP|Goh|Sobble}} joined Goh's roster, Cinderace has been seen getting along well with it, acting like an older sibling to it. The two seem to enjoy each other's company, with Cinderace sharing its food with Sobble and being able to calm Sobble down if it feels upset.
Cinderance has proven to have high resilience and stamina to take on Mewtwo since Ash's Pikachu wasn't able to fight too long.
===Moves used===