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name|image=Oil Field Hideout| Ranger2.png
name=Oil Field Hideout|
jap|location_name=Offshore Oil Field Hideout|
jap=Offshore Oil Field Hideout|
|translated_name=Offshore Oil Field Hideout
w=[[Sea of Wailord]] (first time)|
|location=South of the [[Sea of Wailord]]
|map=Oil Field Hideout Ranger2 map.png
'''Oil Field Hideout''' (Japanese: '''かいていゆでんアジト''' ''Offshore Oil Field Hideout'') is a location in {{g|Ranger: Shadows of Almia}}. It is an undersea factory powered by oil, and is used by [[Team Dim Sun]] to build their nefarious [[Miniremo units]]. The {{player}} arrives here while chasing a kidnapped {{p|Wailmer}} and runs into [[Sven]], who accompanies the player through the hideout. There is a library where {{ra|Isaac}} is usually found researching, while the place from which [[Kincaid]] operates is nearby. An {{p|Electivire}} and a {{p|Porygon-Z}} can be found after completing the game. {{p|Gliscor}} is the boss and cannot be found anywhere else, excluding the Capture Arena.