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[[File:Goh and Greedent.png|thumb|250px|Goh and Greedent]]
Typical of its species, Greedent is gluttonous and likes to store food, such as in ''[[JN023|Panic in the Park!]]'', where it, as a {{p|Skwovet}}, stored all of the food at [[Cerise Laboratory]]. Its gluttony can cause it to be selfish and shortsighted, as it ended up storing the food of the other Pokémon with little concern for the consequences. Even after this caused a hunger panic, it didn't seem to realize it should give back the food and even continued to store food after the problem was solved. However, this gluttony can cause determination to spark in the [[Pokémon category|Greedy Pokémon]], as shown when it kept eating the {{p|Torchic}} {{wp|manjū}} and evolved during the Pokémon Eating Contest. At the Institute, Greedent is part of the group of small Pokémon that formed near {{TP|Goh|Golurk}}. During this period, Greedent became friends with Goh's {{p|Cubone}}.
It even tried to get giant Golurk to prevent the pokemon war.