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In ''[[JN023|Panic in the Park!]]'', it and {{p|Cubone}} called {{p|Golurk}} to stop the other Pokémon from fighting during a food shortage. When Golurk's seal fell off and it went berserk, Skwovet helped put the seal back on. It then helped protect the {{p|Cascoon}} from the flood caused by Golurk's rampage, allowing them to [[evolution|evolve]] into {{p|Dustox}}. The next day, Skwovet was revealed to be the culprit behind the shortage, as it had been taking the food and storing in a cave in secret. It is currently kept at the [[Cerise Laboratory]].
In [[JN047]], Skwovet evolve into {{p|Greedent}} at the end of eating competition.
Greedent's known moves are {{m|Bullet Seed}}.}}