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* This is the last episode where [[Michele Knotz]] voices [[James's Mime Jr.]]
* The time between the original Japanese airing and first English dub airing of this episode was the shortest of all episodes at the time when this episode aired in English, with only 99 days between them. The record was later broken when ''[[BW108|A Unova League Evolution!]]'' aired.
* This is the last episode in which the title card is dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu by {{pmin|South Asia|Disney India}}. From the [[DP053|next episode]], the English dub audio in the title card will remain intact in the said dubs.
|fi={{tt|Ryhmähenki haisee!|Team spirit stinks!}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Il y a comme un esprit d'équipe dans l'air|There is some team spirit in the air}}
|hi=फाइनल ग्रुप बैटल का चैलेंज! {{tt|''Final Group Battle Ka Challenge!''|Final Group Battle Challenge!}}{{tt|*|Disney XD dub}}
|it={{tt|La finale di Cuoripoli|The Hearthome final}} & {{tt|Vittoria sudata|Hard-won victory}}
|ko={{tt|태그시합, 평온의 방울은 누구손에?!|Tag Battle, Who Will Get the Soothe Bell?!}}