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m (→‎Pokémon: it need to show its strength. We seen please don't say it not needed. This is proof of Leon Charizard power)
In [[JN045]], Charizard battled Eternatus and, after seriously struggling, gained the upper hand. After Leon tried to catch Eternatus, however, it was severely injured covering Pikachu, Cinderace, and Lucario, when Eternatus broke out of its [[Ultra Ball],] and transformed into its Eternamax Form.
Leon Charizard has proven itshis strength thatwhich is enoughsufficient to handledeal againstwith Eternatus and it's is his official loss that we have seen in the series.
Charizard's known moves are {{m|Flamethrower}}, {{m|Air Slash}}, {{m|Fire Spin}}, {{m|Thunder Punch}}, {{m|Dragon Claw}}, {{m|Dig}}, {{m|Brick Break}}, and {{m|Rock Tomb}}.<br>