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In {{g|Colosseum}}, Celebi appears if the player uses a [[Time Flute]] at the [[Relic Stone]], descending from above and then flying around a [[Shadow Pokémon]] to instantly [[purification|purify]] it. In the Japanese version, the player can obtain Celebi after purifying all 64 Shadow Pokémon in the game.
It starred in the fourth Pokémon movie, ''[[M04|Celebi: The Voice of the Forest]]''. A Celebi also had a central role in ''[[M13|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]''. A {{Shiny}} Celebi is set to appear in ''[[M23|Secrets of the Jungle]]''.
{{p|Zarude}} was officially revealed on [[Pokémon Day]] 2020. Its silhouette was officially teased by [[The Pokémon Company International]] and [[CoroCoro]].
Zarude will be featured in and be released alongside of ''[[M23|Secrets of the Jungle]]''.