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:''"Even in its Poké Ball, Zacian{{sup/8|Sw}}/Zamazenta{{sup/8|Sh}} seems worried about its partner. We should go to the Slumbering Weald and see how Hop and Zamazenta{{sup/8|Sw}}/Zacian{{sup/8|Sh}} are doing."
;[[Slumbering Weald]]
:'''If talked to at the entrance''': ''"Want me to show you to the center of the woods, where Hop is waiting?"
::'''Yes''': ''"All right! Let’s get a move on."
:''"All right, I guess we should get going, too..."
* Pokémon Lab
:'''If talked to''' :''"If it isn’t <player>. Hop’s been studying pretty hard, surprisingly. I’m sure he’d be glad to know you dropped by for a visit."