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Yeah, it's really "yesterday", but oh boy
(Yeah, it's really "yesterday", but oh boy)
Hello. I'd like to ask you to please stop adding the table of the supposed "rarities" of Pokémon on the [[Appendix:Pokémon GO Player's Guide/Finding and catching Pokémon|finding and catching Pokémon]] guide. Those boundaries were made and named by a regular fan based on what he or she observed, and as widespread as it may be, those boundaries are in no way official. On Bulbapedia, we strive to only display information that is officially confirmed so as to remain as factually correct as possible. So please, do not add the table again. Additionally, if an edit that you made was [[Special:Diff/2472569|undone]], please '''do not''' simply [[Special:Diff/2482150|re-add it]]. This is considered edit warring and is a blockable offense on Bulbapedia. If you do not understand why your edit was reverted (although the reason is usually given in the edit summary), it is always preferable to just ask the user who reverted your edit on their user talk page. Please keep these points in mind when editing in the future. Thank you. --[[User:Carmenstar97|<span style="color:#95EB5C">Carmen<small>★</small></span>]] <small>''[[User talk:Carmenstar97|<span style="color:#FEBEE8">(Talk |</span>]] [[Special:Contributions/Carmenstar97|<span style="color:#A6DAFC">contribs)</span>]]''</small> 00:39, 5 August 2016 (UTC)
==Userspace limits==
Hello. I have noticed that you have been editing the <code>User:</code> namespace a lot recently, and have made a total of 23 userspace edits today. Please do not edit the userspace any more, as the {{bp|userspace policy}} limits the amount you can edit your userpage: No more than three edits per day (by {{wp|UTC}}), and you must contribute to the {{bp|mainspace}} more than you edit your user page(s). This policy was instated to promote people helping out in the mainspace, and also to control strain on our servers. Bulbapedia is an encyclopedia, after all, so help us out by contributing to some articles before coming back to your personal page(s). The more often you edit in the mainspace, the more you will be allowed to edit your user page(s). Thank you. --[[User:Tiddlywinks|Tiddlywinks]] ([[User talk:Tiddlywinks|talk]]) 01:03, 11 November 2020 (UTC)