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Ash and Goh remain determined, both leaping from ledges to land on Lugia. Goh grabs a hold of Lugia's tail, while Ash and Pikachu struggle to hold onto one of Lugia's legs. Surprised at first, the two Trainers resort to helping each other onto Lugia's back. Lugia, however, doesn't seem to mind having passengers. Goh takes the opportunity to record Lugia's flapping fins and glimmering silver feathers on his [[Rotom Phone]]. Abruptly, Lugia flies up even higher to join a flock of passing {{p|Fearow}}. As Ash and Goh admire the altitude, Lugia descends suddenly towards the ocean. The boys shriek as they anticipate the hard landing, but Lugia uses {{m|Hydro Pump}} to blast a hole into the water surface. Lugia soars through the wall of water and into the oceanic depths, teeming with {{t|Water}} Pokémon. A school of {{p|Horsea}} take the boys by surprise, almost causing Ash and Goh to run out of air. Luckily, Lugia emerges from the water and take to the sky once again. Goh is pleasantly surprised as Ash marvels over the wonders of Pokémon. Goh formally introduces himself, revealing he is from Vermilion City and declares that he and Ash are now friends. Ash follow suit, introducing himself and Pikachu. Suddenly, Lugia tips its passengers off, and they land in a field of flowers. Lugia promptly leaves while Goh and Ash wave the Legendary goodbye. The pair enjoy the moment, but then realize they don't know where they are or how to get back to Vermilion.
By evening, the two boys finally arrive back at the Cerise Laboratory. There, Yamper enthusiastically greets Pikachu. Chloe, however, is still disappointed that Goh failed to make it to the opening ceremony. She dismisses his Lugia encounter story and presents Goh with a handful of school worksheets. Goh quickly perks after Chloe admits her father, Professor Cerise, is talking with Professor Oak. Inside, Cerise is thrilled by Goh's closeup footage of Lugia. Ash reveals that Lugia took a liking to them, and Goh soon comes to the same conclusion as well. Cerise is impressed by the boys' insights and proposes they become research fellows at his lab. Ash doesn't quite understand, so Cerise elaborates that he wants them to meet Pokémon. Goh accepts the honor, while Ash is excited by the future ahead. Delia reminds her son that commuting between [[Pallet Town]] and Vermilion City will be tough. At this, Professor Cerise presents the boys with their very own dorm room. The solution is a hit as the two boys squabble for the top bunk. Delia also decides that Mimey should also stay at the Cerise Laboratory to keep Ash out of trouble. As Delia and Oak prepare to drive back to Pallet Town, Delia tells her son to eat his vegetables and brush his teeth, to which Ash embarrassedly accepts. Delia also asks Goh to look out for Ash, much to Ash'shus embarrassment., Ash’sbefore momleaving andwith Professor Oak soon leave.
Chloe reminds her father that he forgot something. Cerise takes a moment to prepare before revealing the three [[starter Pokémon]] on offer at his lab: the {{t|Fire}} Pokémon {{p|Charmander}}, {{type|Grass}} {{p|Bulbasaur}} and Water-type {{p|Squirtle}}. Cerise prompts Goh to make his selection. Goh declares that his first choice is the [[Mythical Pokémon]] {{p|Mew}}. Cerise is left baffled, but Goh insists that Mew is perfect for him. He shows a photograph of his first encounter with Mew, and the long-awaited ambition spurs Ash to cheer him onto success, while Chloe is left dumbfounded by the statement. Professor Cerise laughs and offers his encouragement to Goh and Ash towards their goal of uncovering the secrets of Mew.