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In [[JN042]], Sonia was driving a car to chase Dynamax energy falling from the sky, and she picked Goh up along the way.
Later inIn [[JN043]], Sonia introducesintroduced her grandmother to Goh, and handshanded him a [[Dynamax Band]].
Like her game counterpart, Sonia is quite intelligent, though a little distracted. During her trip with Goh, she proved to be a terrible driver, although she doesn't admit it. In the past, she was [[Leon]]'s journeytraveling companion, but their relationship changed as Leon became closer to Chairman [[Rose]].
<!--This listing is of Sonia's known Pokémon in the anime:
In ''[[TW07|Sky]]'', she watched the battle between Leon and [[Raihan]] with her {{p|Yamper}}.
In ''[[TW08|The Gathering of Stars]]'', she was preparing to set off to travel tofor the [[Crown Tundra]]. whereBefore leaving, she handed [[Hop]] an invitation letter for the [[Galarian Star Tournament]] before heading out.