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[[File:Festa09logo.png|right|thumb|2009 logo]]
'''Pokémon Festa''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンフェスタ''' ''Pokémon Festa'') is an annual convention held throughout various locations in Japan. It is sanctioned by [[Nintendo]] and features events, games, shopping, and previews of upcoming games and movies.
{{bulbanews/2|The Pokémon Company locks out security threats and foreign visitors|Pokémon Festa reveals new Platinum trailer}}
Pokémon Festa 2008 was held from August 9 to 14, 2008 at {{wp|Pacifico Yokohama}} and from August 23 to 26, 2008 at the {{wp|Osaka Dome|Kyocera Dome Osaka}}. Due to security concerns after TCG events [[n:Japanese TCG events closed due to threats|received threats]], the event was only open to [[Pokémon Daisuki Club]] members. Attendance required payment and there was a bag check upon entry. [ A trailer] for {{game|Platinum}} was unveiled at the event.
==Pokémon Festa 2009==