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If I recall correctly, wasn't Yellow support added to the second Japanese installment?
[[Image:TransferPak.jpg|thumb|right|The Transfer Pak]]
The '''Transfer Pak''' (Japanese: '''64GBパック''') is a peripheral for the [[Nintendo 64]] that allows for the transfer of data between the console and [[Game Boy]] or [[Game Boy Color]] cartridges. The device came as a pack-in with the first [[Pokémon Stadium series|Pokémon Stadium]]. With it players are able to upload Pokémon and items from their Game Boy games for storage, or to be used in battles and mini-games. It also allows the player to trade Pokémon (two transferTransfer paksPaks required) and even play their Game Boy Pokémon games on TV using the Stadium games GB Tower feature.
==Pokémon Games with Transfer Pak support==
*[[Pokémon Stadium (Japanese)]] (With all Generation I Game Boy titles excluding {{v2|Yellow}})
*[[Pokémon Stadium (English)]] (With all Generation I Game Boy titles)
*[[Pokémon Stadium 2]] (With all Generation I&II Game Boy titles)