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Garbodor is able to spray poisonous gas and filth from its fingertips, but only from its right hand. The toxic liquid from its right arm is so virulent, it can kill a weakened foe instantly. If that filth is blocked, its arm can swell up, causing it considerable pain and discomfort. It also finishes off opponents by belting them with its left arm and spewing an awful-smelling toxic gas from its mouth. Garbodor prefers to live in unsanitary places such as garbage dumps where Garbodor devour garbage in order to grow larger. [[Alola]] was once home to many Garbodor, but the population shrank precipitously after {{p|Grimer}} was introduced to its habitat. This is said to have made the remaining Garbodor population stronger than its counterparts from other regions. {{rf|Alolan}} {{p|Muk}} prey on Garbodor.
As Gigantamax Garbodor, its size has increased with an altered look. The sclera in its eyes are dark pink. The feet disappear, with the lumpy body expanding. Several discarded toys appear on Garbodor. The toys are as follows: toy car, blocks, toy airplane, toy cruise ship, {{m|Substitute}} doll, [[Poke Doll]], [[Master Ball]], fish skeleton resembling {{p|Magikarp}}, and toy train. The spikes on its shoulder becomesbecome longer; the right arm becomes bulkier; it has dark blue, pink, and light green spots all across its body; and three red clouds float around the head.
When Gigantamaxing, its toxic gas becomes thicker. This result in the gas taking a solid shape of discarded toys. Gigantamax Garbodor releases the gas through its mouth and fingers. Should the gas engulf someone, the toxin will seep deep in the bones.