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{{Availability/Entry2|v=Sword|v2=Shield|area=[[Bridge Field]], [[Dusty Bowl]], [[Lake of Outrage]]<br>[[East Lake Axewell]] ([[Wanderer]])<br>[[East Lake Axewell/Dens|East Lake Axewell]], [[Giant's Cap/Dens|Giant's Cap]], [[Giant's Mirror/Dens|Giant's Mirror]], [[Lake of Outrage/Dens|Lake of Outrage]], [[Motostoke Riverbank/Dens|Motostoke Riverbank]], [[North Lake Miloch/Dens|North Lake Miloch]], [[South Lake Miloch/Dens|South Lake Miloch]], [[West Lake Axewell/Dens|West Lake Axewell]] ([[Max Raid Battle]])}}
{{Availability/Entry1|v=Expansion Pass|color={{galar color}}|link=Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass|area=[[Workout Sea]], [[Stepping-Stone Sea]], [[Insular Sea]], [[Honeycalm Island]], [[Honeycalm Sea]]}}