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Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions

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* [[Slowpoke Well]] and [[Mt. Moon]] had their themes changed from those of [[Ice Path]] and [[Rock Tunnel]], respectively, to now both use the same one as [[Union Cave]].
* [[Cerulean City]], [[Fuchsia City]], [[Cinnabar Island]], {{rt|24|Kanto}}, and {{rt|25|Kanto}} use the same themes in HeartGold and SoulSilver as they did in Generations I and III. However, they used different themes in Generation II.
** In Generation II, the theme shared by [[Cerulean City]] and [[Fuchsia City]] was removed, as well as the [[Cinnabar Island]] boththeme. usedCerulean City and Cinnabar Island uses the same theme as [[Viridian City]], [[Pewter City]], themeand in[[Saffron GenerationCity]]. IIFuchsia City used the [[Celadon City]] theme.
** FuchsiaIn CityGeneration II, whichthe previouslytheme shared musicby withRoutes {{rtn|24|Kanto}} and {{rtn|25|Kanto}} (the pair of northern routes leading from [[Cerulean City,]] usedto the [[CeladonSea CityCottage]]) was removed as well. They used the "Road to Cerulean City: Leaving Mt. Moon" theme in(the Generationsame IImusic as Routes {{rtn|3|Kanto}}–{{rtn|10|Kanto}}, as well as Routes {{rtn|16|Kanto}}–{{rtn|22|Kanto}}).
** Routes 24 and 25 used the {{rt|3|Kanto}} theme in Generation II.
* A few themes changed most likely because [[Viridian Forest]] is now a standalone area again like in Generations I and III. (In Generation II, Viridian Forest was downsized into a tree maze and made part of route Route 2.)
** The [[Viridian Forest]] now uses the same theme as the {{rt|2|Kanto}} theme from Generation II.