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==In side-games==
===Pokémon Mystery Dungeon===
====Rescue Team and Explorers====
Critical Hits will only do 50% more damage, unless (in ''Mystery Dungeon 2'') the Pokémon has {{a|Sniper}}, in which case it will do double damage (Sniper, however, will not increase the base power, unlike the main games). Furthermore, in ''Mystery Dungeon 2'', provided that the defender can receive critical hits (i.e. they do not have {{a|Battle Armor}}, {{a|Shell Armor}}, the {{m|Lucky Chant}} status, or the Critical Dodger IQ skill), male or genderless Pokémon will have a 50% less chance of dealing critical hits prior to modifiers ({{a|Super Luck}}, Scope Lens, Patsy Band, the Sharpshooter IQ skill, or the Type-Advantage Master IQ skill). {{m|Focus Energy}} will guarantee that all hits will be criticals while the status is active, provided the defender can receive criticals. Normal critical ratio is 12% in Rescue Team and 8% in Explorers; high critical ratio is 50% in Rescue Team and 30% in Explorers. Additionally, unlike in main series, certain moves have base critical hit ratio lower than normally (from 1% to 3%); most of these are moves that hit more than once.
==In other languages==