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List of Pokémon with gender differences

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List of Pokémon
{{gendif|194|Wooper|Female has one set of gill branches|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|195|Quagsire|Female has smaller dorsal fins|HOME|_b}}
{{gendif|198|Murkrow|Male's "hat"-like plumage is larger|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|202|Wobbuffet|Female's mouth has lipstick-like marking|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|203|Girafarig|Female's body is more yellow|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|415|Combee|Male's lower face has no red mark|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|417|Pachirisu|Female's head stripe is shorter|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|418|Buizel|Male has two whitelight-colored spots on his back while female has one|HOME|_b}}
{{gendif|419|Floatzel|Male has two whitelight-colored bumps on his back while female has one|HOME|_b}}
{{gendif|424|Ambipom|Male has shorter hair on his head|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|443|Gible|Male has grooved fin|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|521|Unfezant|Male has a pink mask with long extensions while the female has a curved feather on the back of her head. Male has a green underside and female has a brown underside.|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|592|Frillish|Male is blue, frowns, and has a ruffled collar, smooth, diamond-patterned tentacles, and one upper eyelash per eye. Female is pink, smiles, and has a bulbous collar, frilled tentacles, and one lower eyelash per eye. Males have a star-shaped head pattern and a stiff crown while females have a flower-shaped pattern and a limp crown.|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|593|Jellicent|Body color, eyes, head pattern, and tentacle differences are much the same as with Frillish, but the Femalefemale's eyes are now larger and have two eyelashes each. Males have a facial covering resembling a large moustache while females have one resembling a fluffy collar. Female has a heart-shaped mouth and the male's is hidden inside the "moustache."|HOME|size=120px}}
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! colspan="2" style="background:#{{normal color light}}" | Difference
{{gendif|668|Pyroar|Male has a large mane shaped like the {{wp|kanji}} character 大 ''ō'' (big or great), a stockier body, and half-brown front legs. Female has long, flowing hair similar to a ponytail and mostly-brown legs. Male's tail has a split in it.|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|678|Meowstic|Males are mostly blue with white highlights, the inverse of females. Male's eyes are green with light blue sclerae, while female's are red and yellow.<br>Unlike most Pokémon, the moves Meowstic can learn vary by gender, with males learning more status moves and females learning more attack moves.<br>Male Meowstic have the Hidden Ability {{a|Prankster}}, while female Meowstic have the Hidden Ability {{a|Competitive}}.|HOME|size=120px}}
{{gendif|876|Indeedee|Males have lowered eyes, a triangular mouth pointing upwards like a frown, and more black on its torso, made to resemble a {{wp|suit}}. Females have wider eyes, a triangular mouth pointing downwards like a smile, and more white on its torso, made to resemble an {{wp|apron}}.
Male Indeedee have morehigher {{stat|Attack}}, {{stat|Special Attack}}, and {{stat|Speed}}, while female Indeedee have morehigher {{stat|Defense}}, {{stat|Special Defense}}, and {{stat|HP}}. The two genders also have different moves.|HOME|size=120px}}
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