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Music: cleared up wording to clarify what happened to Viridian Forest in Gen 2, as well as cleaning up the grammar for the trivia on Kanto Route 2
** Fuchsia City, which previously shared music with Cerulean City, used the [[Celadon City]] theme in Generation II.
** Routes 24 and 25 used the {{rt|3|Kanto}} theme in Generation II.
* A few themes changed most likely because [[Viridian Forest]] is now a standalone area again like in Generations I and III. (In Generation II, Viridian Forest was replaceddownsized byinto a smalltree portionmaze and made part of theroute Route 2.)
** The [[Viridian Forest]] now uses the same theme as the {{rt|2|Kanto}} theme from Generation II.
** TheKanto Route 2 now uses the same theme as the[[Kanto Route {{rt|3|Kanto}}]]. This means that the Route 2's theme is now different from any previous generation, given that in Generations I and III the Route 2 used the[[Kanto Route {{rt|1|Kanto}}]]'s theme.
* The [[Seafoam Islands]] main cave (which was unavailable in Generation II) uses the same theme as the [[Ice Path]].
* The final battle against {{ga|Silver|the player's rival}} plays his regular battle theme instead of the {{pkmn|Champion}} theme like in Generation II.