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resemblance to Nazi Party
*According to a girl in Lysandre Café, it costs {{PDollar}}5,000,000 to join Team Flare.
* Team Flare is the only pre-[[Generation VIII]] villainous team to not receive a [[Nintendo 3DS themes|3DS theme]] based on them.
* Team Flare's motivation, plans and mindset resembles those of the real-world Nazi Party (an extremist, fascist political party that controlled Germany and occupied several other European countries from the 1930s to 1945, despite Kalos being based on France): for example, they view society's flaws as being caused by people they viewed as inferior and saw themselves as the only people who deserve life, their fire theme alluded to the mass cremations int Nazi concentration camps; Holo Caster, a Lysandre's device, has a name that sounds similar to the Holocaust, a terrifying genocide carried out by the Nazis against European Jews and other groups they saw as inferior. Xerosic's reformation is a reference to Werhner von Braun, a German rocket scientist, who desinded missiles V-1 and V-2 for Nazi Germany during World War II, then became an engineer at America's NASA after the war.