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Music: made a correction about what Slowpoke Well and Mt. Moon's music used to be, as it was previously vague and implied they shared a theme before, when they in fact did not
** The [[GB Sounds]], a Key Item available after all 16 Badges have been obtained, allows players to swap the background music for the original chiptune soundtrack from the original Gold and Silver.
** New music tracks, such as the music that plays on Routes 47 and 48, also receive an 8-bit remix. However, not every track got an 8-bit remix and some can only be listened to through the [[Pokémon Past Archive]] radio station in the Pokégear.
* A[[Slowpoke fewWell]] cavesand changed[[Mt. Moon]] had their themes. Theychanged originallyfrom usedthose theof main[[Ice Path]] and [[Rock Tunnel]], respectively, to now both use the cavesame musicone inas Generation[[Union IICave]].
** [[Slowpoke Well]] and [[Mt. Moon]] now use the same theme as [[Union Cave]].
* [[Cerulean City]], [[Fuchsia City]], [[Cinnabar Island]] and {{rt|24|Kanto}} use the same themes in HeartGold and SoulSilver as they did in Generations I and III. However, they used different themes in Generation II.
** Cerulean City and Cinnabar Island both used the [[Pewter City]] theme in Generation II.