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Kingdra (Pokémon)

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LikeKingdra itsappears pre-evolvedto forms, Kingdra isbe based on a {{wp|seahorse}}. It also shares appearance traits withand the {{wp|common seadragon|weedy seadragon}}. The fact that it dwells on the seafloor while creating whirlpools may be based on the mythical monsterIts {{wpt|CharybdisDragon}}. Itstype secondaryand {{tpkmn|Dragoncategory}} type may be a reference to athe Japanese nameword for seahorsesseahorse, 竜の落し子 ''tatsu-no-otoshigo'', which means "dragon's child",' and tois thederived legendsfrom ofthe {{wp|RyūjinJapanese mythology|myth}} andthat Easta Asianseahorse dragons,that wherelives theyfor area saidcentury towill beartransform powerinto overa the{{wp|dragon}}. seasThe offact thethat world,it livedwells on the floorsseafloor ofwhile deepcreating bodies{{wp|whirlpool}}s may be a reference to {{wp|Ryūjin}}, a Japanese sea deity, or {{wp|Charybdis}}, a sea monster in Greek mythology. Its ability to shoot ink resembles that of watera {{wp|squid}}, while the shape of its snout and areits also{{a|Sniper}} knownAbility formay theirbe weathera likeinspired ascensionsby intoa the{{wp|water heavensgun}}.
====Name origin====