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Despite the first Mythical Pokémon, Mew, being added to the original games right before release, the concept of "illusory monsters" (Mythical Monsters) already existed in [[Satoshi Tajiri]]'s pitch for [[Capsule Monsters]]. They were said to be hard to encounter, hard to catch or be impossible to catch if the player missed their chance. For example, there would be a "Green Dragon" that could only be found rarely in a specific area of a dungeon, and it would have taken around two hours to find and catch.<ref name="ref1">[http://www.glitterberri.com/pokemon-red-blue/early-concept-art/2/ GlitterBerri's Game Translations » Early Concept Art]</ref>
===Statistical average===
==={{tt|Statistical average|Considering alternate forms and Mega Evolutions as separate Pokémon, counting Arceus once only}}===.
|- style="vertical-align: top"
''Including Phione:''
HP=81.39 |
Speed=105.52 |
Total=606.96 }}
''Excluding Phione:''
HP=81.45 |
Attack=111.14 |
Defense=93.50 |
SpAtk=119.73 |
SpDef=100.23 |
Speed=106.68 |
Total=612.73 }}
====Multiple Mythical Pokémon====
==List of Mythical Pokémon==
Of the {{numpkmn}} Pokémon species, 21 are Mythical Pokémon ({{#expr:(21/{{numpkmn}}*100) round2}}%). Including Phione, there are 22 Mythical Pokémon ({{#expr:(22/{{numpkmn}}*100) round2}}%). Each [[generation]] has introduced at least one Mythical Pokémon.
===Generation I===
===Generation IV===
FourFive Mythical Pokémon were introduced in [[Generation IV]] (five including {{p|Phione}}).
====Manaphy and Phione====
{{p|Manaphy}} is a {{type|Water}} Mythical Pokémon, and {{p|Phione}} is a {{type|Water}} Pokémon. Manaphy are born on cold seafloors, also swimming great distances to return to their birthplace, and are born with a wondrous power to bond with any kind of Pokémon. Phione live in warm seas, using the inflation sac on their heads to search for food and to drift in packs, always returning to the place of their birth. Together, these two Pokémon species make up a Mythical duo of a parent and child.
Manaphy and Phione have the unique ability among Mythical Pokémon to [[Pokémon breeding|breed]] with {{p|Ditto}} in captivity to produce Phione. Phione, cannot, however, [[evolution|evolve]] into Manaphy. The only legitimate way to obtain a Phione in-game is to breed a Manaphy or another Phione. Phione is the weaker of the two Pokémon, having 80 distributed into each stat instead of 100. It is impossible to get a Manaphy Egg through this method.
Phione's status as a Mythical Pokémon is disputed, with even official sources contradicting one another. Further information can be found [[Phione (Pokémon)#Mythical status|here]].
Manaphy was first made available to those who pre-ordered tickets for ''[[M09|Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea]]'' in Japan. Anyone who pre-ordered tickets received a voucher which could be redeemed from June 17 to August 31, 2006, to access {{ga|Pokémon Ranger}}'s [[Ranger Net]] mission, "Recover the Precious Egg!". Once completed, a Manaphy Egg could be transferred to {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} and hatched. Pokémon Ranger's sequel games, [[Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia]] and [[Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs]] have similar downloadable missions where Manaphy Eggs can be transferred to not only Diamond and Pearl but {{g|Platinum}} and {{g|HeartGold and SoulSilver}} as well. Manaphy has since been released through distribution as most other Mythical Pokémon.
[[File:Darkrai Newmoon Island.png|thumb|240px|left|{{p|Darkrai}} on [[Newmoon Island]]]]
* {{p|Manaphy}} and {{p|Phione}} are the only Mythical Pokémon that can breed; as such, they are also the only Mythical Pokémon that are not members of the {{egg3|Undiscovered}}.
* If {{p|Phione}} is not considered a Mythical Pokémon:
** {{p|ManaphyPhione}} ishas the onlylowest Mythicalbase Pokémonstat thattotal canat breed;of asall such,of itthe isfully also the onlyevolved Mythical Pokémon thatat is not a member of the {{egg3|Undiscovered}}480.
** {{p|Keldeo}} has the lowest base stat total at of all of the fully evolved Mythical Pokémon at 580.
* Every Mythical Pokémon along with [[Special Pokémon]] in [[List of Pokémon by Alola Pokédex number (Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)|Alola Pokédex]] is marked by a special golden background in its [[Pokédex]] page instead of a regular blue one.
* {{p|Meltan}} is the only Mythical Pokémon that is capable of [[evolution]].