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Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!

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In Pokémon Card GB2, [[Team Great Rocket]], led by [[King Biruritchi]], have kidnapped many of the [[Club Master]]s and attempted to steal the [[Legendary Cards]]. The player, assuming the role of {{TCG GB||Mark}} or {{TCG GB|2|Mint}}, must rescue the Club Masters and defeat Team Great Rocket at their headquarters on [[GR Island]].
==New features==
* Players may select either {{TCG GB||Mark}}, the protagonist of the original {{ga|Pokémon Trading Card Game}}, or {{TCG GB|2|Mint}}, a new female [[player character]].
* Opponent Trainers now have varying sprites: when they are losing, they appear sad; when they are winning, they appear happy.
* [[Coins in Pokémon Card GB2|Coins]] replace [[Master Medal]]s as tokens of achievement. These coins can also be used in place of the standard game coin in duels.
==Returning characters==
* {{TCG GB||Mark}}
* {{TCG GB|Ronald}}
* [[Club Master]]s
==New characters==
* {{TCG GB|2|Mint}}
* [[Team Great Rocket]] members
** [[King Biruritchi]]