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Professor Burnet is a well respected research scientist who specializes in [[Ultra Wormhole]]s. Her intelligence and technical knowledge is impressive. While Burnet's approachable and positive attitude makes her instantly likable.
After moving in with her new husband {{an|Professor Kukui|Kukui}}, from ''[[SM055|The Professors' New Adventure!]]'' onward, Burnet became a motherly figure for the household. Burnet supported Ash during his time in [[Alola]], offering him advice like in ''[[SM097|No SyoneStone Unturned!]]'' where she suggested Ash teach {{AP|Rowlet}} a new [[move]] to defeat [[Hau]]. She also became a motherly-figure for Ash, and supported him as a mother would, and when Ash was [[SM146|set to depart]] from [[Alola]], Burnet cried and hugged the young Trainer, saying that she, and Kukui, would always be there for him should he ever need their help.