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→‎Biology: Sunmoon pages were unavailable so I updated the links with archived versions.
(→‎Biology: Sunmoon pages were unavailable so I updated the links with archived versions.)
In its Dusk Form, Lycranroc resembles a combination between its Midday and Midnight Forms. The body is similar to Midday Form with same white color except with orange-gold fur. It retains the three brown claws for all four feet. The white fluffy mane resemble a sun with part of the crescent moon. It also has four rock around its neck like a sun as well along with a single, bigger stone coming from mane over its head. The face resembles Midday Form but is orange-gold with bright green eyes, the eyes can change to bright glowing red when angry or attacking.
The Midday Form has a calm and cautious personality. In order to avoid needless fighting, the Midday Form prefers to live alone and does not form a pack with others of its kind. However, it is a fiercely loyal partner to Trainers that accept it during its unruly stage. In battle, it darts past opponents while attacking them with the rocks in its mane. These swift movements leave many foes bewildered and backed into a corner.<ref>[httphttps://web.archive.org/web/20190504015619/https://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/pokemon/lycanroc-midday-form/ Pokémon Sun and Moon site | Midday Lycanroc (Archived)]</ref> It always aims for the foes' weak spot using its fangs. Broken fragments of its stone mane are considered good luck.
In contrast, Lycanroc's Midnight Form is thrilled by battling, and becomes more excited the stronger its opponent. This excitement is what causes its eyes to glow. <ref>[httphttps://web.archive.org/web/20190504015619/https://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/pokemon/lycanroc-midnight-form/ Pokémon Sun and Moon site | Midnight Lycanroc (Archived)]</ref> The Midnight Form is known to be reckless. Its strategy consists of closing in on its opponent and encouraging attack, then countering with a powerful blow that knocks out its opponent. The full force of its headbutts can destroy giant boulders. Trainers that can draw out its power earn its trust, but it despises those that it disagrees with or who try to force it to fight.
The Dusk Form Lycanroc shares traits from the previous two forms. Its stance, calm demeanor, and loyal nature are shared with the Midday Form. However, it also shares the Midnight Form's fighting spirit, including the red, glowing eyes at the moment of attack. Due to only evolving at sunset, the Dusk Form is considered the rarest of the three forms. <ref>[https://web.archive.org/web/20170815175546/https://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/secrets-of-lycanroc-dusk-form-revealed Dusk Lycanroc Revealed (Archived)]</ref> The Dusk Form of Lycanroc is rather difficult to train due to its temperamental nature.