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===Camerupt Point===
[[File:Camerupt Point.png|thumb|left|200px|A full moon over Camerupt Point]]
'''Camerupt Point''' (Japanese: '''バクーダの丘''' ''{{tt|Bakuuda|Camerupt}} Hill'') is locateda nearby. The mountain range. It got its name because of its distinct shape, which resembles a {{p|Camerupt}}'s humps. Its clear view of the sky makes it a perfect location for people to enjoy stargazing.
After Nurse Joy's recommendation, Ash and his friends headed towards Camerupt Point to help a Lunatone being chased by both {{TRT}} and the [[Pokémon Mystery Club]]. With both Team Rocket and PMCthe Pokémon Mystery Club out of the way, Lunatone was able to absorb some moonlight to regain its energy and fly back into space.
====Pokémon seen at Camerupt Point====