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* When the player uses their radar while in [[the Underground]], it takes two seconds before another radar signal can be used. In Diamond and Pearl, it only took one second.
* The Lustrous and Adamant Orbs are no longer found on the [[Spear Pillar]] as in Diamond and Pearl, instead they must be found in a cave somewhere in the snowfields of [[Mt. Coronet]] which requires {{m|Waterfall}}. To be able to catch Dialga and Palkia, the player must have obtained the items in that cave and must have faced Giratina, whether it was caught or not. Then the player can go up [[Mt. Coronet]] to where Giratina took the player and Cyrus into the [[Distortion World]].
* If the player defeats ora fleesstationary [[List of wild Pokémon from ain-game stationaryevents|in-game event Pokémon]] (including most {{pkmn2|Legendary}} or [[Mythical Pokémon]]), it reappears afternext time the player next enters the [[Hall of Fame]]. If the player defeats a [[roaming Pokémon]], it will reappear only after the player has re-triggered the event which caused it to start roaming; for example, the player must talk to [[Professor Oak]] to cause a [[Legendary birds|Legendary bird]] to resume roaming. If the player flees from or defeats [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Giratina|Origin Forme]] {{p|Giratina}} in the [[Distortion World]], it will reappear in [[Turnback Cave]] in its Altered Forme, where it behaves in the same way as all other stationary Legendary Pokémon.
* Most opponents' Pokémon's levels have been increased by at least one. An example of this is that in Diamond and Pearl, {{ga|Barry}}'s starter Pokémon in the battle at [[Pastoria City]] is at level 28. In Platinum, it is at level 36. However, the Pokémon used by opponents in the {{obp|Pokémon League|Sinnoh}} had their levels lowered.
* In locations where certain unevolved Pokémon can be found (like {{p|Numel}} on {{rt|227|Sinnoh}} and [[Stark Mountain]]), they are near the levels of the rest of the Pokémon in the area, whereas in Diamond and Pearl they were usually in the high 10s or low 20s.