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At the [[Pokémon School]], {{an|Kiawe}} informs the others that he will be {{pkmn|training}} under [[Olivia]] while on vacation. {{Ash}} is about to confirm his own plans whenThen, {{an|Lillie}} enters the classroom flocked bywith [[Snowy]] and, to everyone's surprise, {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Magearna}}. {{Rotom}} takes the opportunity to collect data on Magearna as the class congratulates Lillie on finally reactivating the [[Mythical Pokémon]]. LillieShe admits {{p|Zoroark}} was the key. Lillieand then reveals she is accompanying {{an|Lusamine}} and {{an|Gladion}} on a journey to find [[Mohn|her father]]. {{an|Mallow}}She pressesthen for more details, but Lillie repliesexplains that Magearna will guide them. Lillie explains further, following Magearna's reawakening, its {{a|Soul-Heart}} absorbed energy from her [[Z-Ring]] before projecting a beam of light. MagearnaWhen affirmsit the symbolic act by pointingpointed to a photo of Mohn, causing Gladion and Lillie to realizerealized they might be able to find their father. To everyone's relief, Lillie assures her friends that she will return to [[Alola]] once she hasfinds found her fatherhim. {{Ash}}, however, is well aware of his own plans to leave Alola and briefly turns away.
Meanwhile, while enjoying some honey courtesy of {{an|Bewear}} at [[Bewear's den|her den]], {{TRT}} receives a call from HQ. [[Jessie]] and {{MTR}} continue to eat in an attempt to avoid facing [[Matori]] and her {{TP|Matori|Meowth}}, though {{TP|Jessie|Mimikyu}} answers the call. To the trio's shock, the call instead turns out to be from {{an|Giovanni}}, who orders them to return to the {{an|Team Rocket HQ}} immediately. Matori steps into view, adding that the trio have kept Giovanni waiting long enough for results. After Giovanni signs off, Jessie and [[James]] look at their Pokémon, thinking about what to do with them.
Later, {{an|Professor Kukui}} farewells his class as they embark on the long vacation break. Ash and {{ashcl}} plan to hang after school, though Lillie admits she has a lot to prepare for her upcoming trip. Before she leaves, {{an|Mallow}} requests that she stop by [[Aina's Kitchen]] to collect a specially designed recipe for Snowy. Lillie promises to pick it up tomorrow and then continues onto her chauffeured car. Everyone grins and Mallow declares that the plan is working.
Team Rocket gets straight into packing up their Alolan HQ. Jessie reminds James that he has to speak to {{TP|James|Mareanie}} about their departure. James retorts that Mimikyu must know as well, though Jessie brushes him off as she admits that Mimikyu is adaptable. Mareanie soon enters the room, examining the moving boxes out of curiosity. James reluctantly approaches Mareanie with the bad news that they will be returning to HQ. However, Mareanie is thrilled as it imagines more time with her {{pkmn|Trainer}}, and she promptly poisons him out of affection. James clarifies that Mareanie and Mimikyu will actually be remaining with Bewear and {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Stufful}}. Mareanie fails to understand the news due to her infatuation, making the painful goodbye a much harder task.